Dark Horse Comics: Tyler Boss's 'Dead Dog's Bite' #1 won't come this week but it's worth all the wait

Dark Horse Comics: Tyler Boss's 'Dead Dog's Bite' #1 won't come this week but it's worth all the wait
'Dead Dog's Bite' #1 (Ian Bertram/Dark Horse Comics)

We were pretty excited about the release of the first issue of Tyler Boss's new book 'Dead Dog's Bite', published by Dark Horse Comics. Billed as "'Twin Peaks' meets 'Lady Bird'" by the publisher, the crime story seems like it could be one of the best reads of the year but now thanks to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, the book's release has been delayed indefinitely.

"I feel like this is pretty obvious, and honestly who cares with what’s happening right now, but Dead Dog’s Bite isn’t coming out tomorrow," Boss wrote on his Twitter. "Dunno what’s gunna happen, but I’m finishing the book. Here’s a panel from chapter four. Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered, and been sweet."

It's quite a shame really that the book isn't coming out anytime soon because it really has a pretty promising premise. 'Dead Dog's Bite' follows the adventures of a young woman named Joe as she tries to investigate the disappearance of her friend Cormac Guffin (say it fast and you get "Cor MacGuffin", though we don't know if that's important).

Along the way, she discovers unimagined horrors and uncovers hidden truths about the world around her. Honestly, it sounds like the perfect premise for a thriller TV show or web series and we can definitely see 'Dead Dog's Bite' being picked up for a show in the future.


Cover art for 'Dead Dog's Bite' #1 (Tyler Boss/Dark Horse Comics)

Tyler Boss has some impressive credentials on him so we know his work comes with a guarantee of quality. The award-winning cartoonist, writer, and artist has received plenty of acclaim for his work on '4 Kids Walk into a Bank' and he's previously collaborated with Image Comics, IDW Publishing, Black Mask Studios and Archie Comics on some really interesting projects.


Although it'll be a while before the book sees the light of day, we're going to be eagerly waiting for its release nonetheless. Here's the official solicitation for 'Dead Dog's Bite' #1:

"Cormac Guffin has gone missing. It's been three days and no one has seen hide nor hair of her. The police have nothing, and the townsfolk are acting more like a funeral procession than a search party. If Cormac has any hope of being found, it rests on the slouching shoulders of her best friend Joe. Joe will need her wits about her though, because, like any story worth hearing, nothing is what it seems. From award-winning cartoonist Tyler Boss ('4 Kids Walk into a Bank') comes the story of a riddle wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a candy wrapper."


As of the writing of this article, a new release date for 'Dead Dog's Bite' #1 is yet to be announced but we'll be sure to let you know as soon as the information becomes available.

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