2-year-old girl saves mum's life by calling her friend after she collapses due to near-fatal allergic reaction

24-year-old Jasmine Pounsberry of Kingsteignton, Devon had an allergic reaction to codeine which she had been taking to treat an ear infection and fell unconscious

                            2-year-old girl saves mum's life by calling her friend after she collapses due to near-fatal allergic reaction

Quick thinking on the part of a two-year-old toddler possibly saved her mom's life when she suffered a near-fatal allergic reaction and fell unconscious. When 24-year-old Jasmine Pounsberry, of Kingsteignton, Devon, had an allergic reaction to codeine, which she had been taking to treat an ear infection, her daughter Esmé Hawkins used FaceTime to call her mom's best friend.

According to the Daily Mail, when 23-year-old Jess Decént received the call, the two-year-old told her about Pounsberry's predicament, saying, "Mummy was sleeping and hurt her head." During the phone call, which lasted seven minutes, Decént calmly instructed Esmé to keep an eye on her mother while she phoned for an ambulance.

But the job wasn't done yet. Decént then had to tell the little girl that, despite being taught never to open the door for strangers, she would have to let the paramedics inside the home when they arrived. Despite some initial resistance, Esmé, who has been described by her mom to be "older than her years," agreed and managed to let the emergency responders in because of the low door handle.

Then, when the paramedics arrived, the two-year-old made sure to update them on the situation as well. "Mummy fell over and went to sleep, but she hurt her head," she is said to have told them. "I phoned Jess and Jess got the doctors to come to the house for mummy. You make mummy better now." Her fiancé, 26-year-old Ryan Hawkins, arrived back at the home while paramedics were still checking up on Pounsberry.

Recalling the incident, Pounsberry revealed that a combination of a serious ear infection, migraine, and an allergic reaction to the codeine had caused her to lose her balance and collapse. "I collapsed in the hallway and banged the back of my head on the wall, knocking myself out," she said. "I was unconscious for a while but I woke up to hearing Esmé on my phone on FaceTime telling my best friend I'm on the floor sleeping."

Terming Esmé "a little hero," she continued, "I was in no state to move but thankfully Jess realized pretty quickly that I needed medical help, and was talking Esmé through what she needed to do. I could hear Jess telling her everything is going to be alright, and she needs to be a brave girl and open the door for the ambulance people."

Devon Live reported both she and her partner were surprised the little girl made the call, even though she was always on the phone. "My partner Ryan was a bit shocked when he got home. You hear about children who are older ringing 999 but we couldn't believe what Esmé had done," she said.

The 24-year-old is now recovering on antibiotics and is grateful for her daughter's quick-thinking. "I'm extremely proud of Esmé for all she did and very grateful to her and Jess and the ambulance crew who all helped me that night," she said. 

She also hinted that her daughter will be receiving a lot of Christmas presents, saying, "Esmé will be spoilt rotten this Christmas and who knows what I'd have done without her."