Who was Heidy Valeria? Girl, 2, dies after eating poison cookie given to pet dog to stop barking

Who was Heidy Valeria? Girl, 2, dies after eating poison cookie given to pet dog to stop barking
Heidy Valeria was two years old (Photo by Facebook/Notipuebla)

Heidy Valeria, a 2-year-old girl, died after experiencing two respiratory arrests in Tototlán, Jalisco, Mexico, on Thursday, February 1. Valeria ate a poison-laced cookie that was thrown into her house reportedly with the intention of poisoning her dog, which yelled a lot.

The cause of her death, according to council general secretary Epigmenio Carrillo, is yet unknown. Carrillo said the authorities would make an announcement as soon as the facts were determined, but he couldn't confirm the accusation. He did say, however, that another local child, supposedly six years old, had been admitted to the hospital due to intoxication from an unknown chemical. However, it is still unknown whether the child's illness is linked to the death of the toddler. 


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Valeria and the 6-year-old neighbor were playing in the Teodosio R Guevara colony in the municipality of Tototlán on February 1st when they discovered the poisoned cookie, which they both ate. Valeria began to feel unwell, so her mother took her to the Municipal Civil Protection Unit, where she was treated according to poisoning standards. Juan Carlos Vázquez Coyul, the mayor, expressed sadness for what had occurred and said: "Unfortunately, the prompt action of Civil Protection at the time of implementing the protocol of attention, was not enough; on transfer to hospital in twice the little one was pulled out of the door."


Residents in Tototlan flocked to Facebook to vent their outrage, claiming the girl had been poisoned by someone who was after the family dog. According to a local, "The truth is, the news has shocked the whole town. In fact, social media erupted when it became known what had happened."

On Thursday, February 3, the minor died after being hospitalized for two days at Zone 6 Hospital. The mayor also stated that there has been no report of dog poisoning at the Tototlan Public Safety and Transit Department. The Regional Prosecutor's Office has immediately opened an investigation folder to track out the person who tossed the poisoned cookie.


Arturo Islas Allende, an activist and influencer, said: "We lost Valeria, we lost a two-year-old girl, because of some unscrupulous characters who threw poisoned cookies in Tototlan, Jalisco. Those guys should be in jail."

A translated tweet by Allende read: "Valeria, a two-year-old girl lost her life with a poisoned cookie, I don't know what else we have to do @EnriqueAlfaroR justice must be done and those cowards must be found, leave the full video on all my networks, it is not my voice, it is that of a family experiencing a tragedy."



On February 4, Heidy was laid to rest amid white balloons and tears from her family. While the inquiry is ongoing, the authorities have offered the family of the victim their entire support.


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 Two-year-old toddler Heidy Valeria died consuming poisonous cookie