Two teens charged for viciously assaulting ill pregnant woman and her boyfriend outside Quincy post office

Two teens charged for viciously assaulting ill pregnant woman and her boyfriend outside Quincy post office
Tyrese D. Johnson-Nurse and David D. Russell (Source: Quincy Police Department)

Two Massachusetts teens were arrested and charged after they first poked fun at a pregnant woman who was vomiting outside a post office in Quincy and then brutally attacked her, police authorities said.

According to The Patriot Ledger, 18-year-old David D. Russell and 19-year-old Tyrese D. Johnson-Nurse were arrested this past Tuesday, April 9, for the incident and charged with aggravated assault and battery on a pregnant woman, and assault and battery.

Police said the attack took place at around 6 pm that day when the woman was walking with her boyfriend and felt sick because of her pregnancy. She reportedly began throwing up outside the post office at 47 Washington St., which is where Russell and Johnson-Nurse saw her and began laughing her.

19-year-old Tyrese D. Johnson-Nurse (Source: Quincy Police Department)

They said the pair first spit on the victim before getting into the faces of both her and her boyfriend. When the woman said "excuse me", they punched her in the head even as she screamed, "I'm pregnant... I'm pregnant... I'm pregnant" before then attacking the boyfriend when he stepped in to defend her.

The disturbing attack was captured on video by bystander Alec Zeng and shows the woman screaming in pain as she rolled around on the ground. "I was trying to tell them to stop," Zeng told 7News. "Like in the video, I was telling them to chill out. They just weren’t listening. They were just going crazy."

Zeng, who was responsible for calling 911, claimed he had to record the attack because it would help authorities capture those responsible. "I’ve seen videos before online. Usually, videos like that help with evidence," he said. 


When police arrived at the scene, the woman complained despite yelling she was pregnant at least 10 times, one of the suspects told her, "I hope he dies. I will kill your kid." She also said Russell kicked her in the stomach during the attack. 

18-year-old David D. Russell (Source: Quincy Police Department)

They said the woman had no visible injuries and the man had suffered a large contusion on his forehead. The teens, who had already made their escape from the scene by then, were quickly apprehended at a nearby store. 

They were arraigned at the Quincy District Court on Thursday, April 11, with Zeng's video played for Judge Mark Coven. After watching the video, Coven ruled that both Russell and Johnson-Nurse could pose a danger to the public and ordered that they be made to wear a GPS monitor if they are released.


While Russell may be released, Johnson-Nurse will remain behind bars after his bail in a pending armed robbery case in Suffolk Superior Court was revoked. But Coven noted that Russell, who is also charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, was the more aggressive of the two. The 18-year-old was ordered to stay away from the woman and any witnesses and remain in his house except to go to work, with Coven saying, "If I see him again, he’ll spend 120 days without bail."

Both are due back in court on May 29.


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