Two Mississippi police officers killed in shootout despite wearing bulletproof vests

Brookhaven Police Chief Collins called the two officers, Patrolman James White, 35, and Cpl. Zack Moak, 31, 'heroes who were doing their job'

                            Two Mississippi police officers killed in shootout despite wearing bulletproof vests

Authorities have stated that two police officers were shot and killed following an early Saturday morning confrontation in Mississippi. At a news conference, Warren Strain of the Mississippi Department of Public Safety mentioned that the officers were called to a house in the city of Brookhaven at 5 in the morning before they were gunned down. 

The two officers were pronounced dead after they were "mortally wounded" in an exchange of gunfire. Strain added that they have identified the weapon that was used to kill the officers was a handgun. However, he did not elaborate any further on the weapon. The deceased officers were identified as Patrolman James White, 35 and Cpl. Zack Moak, 31.

The two were well equipped with bulletproof vests, body and dashboard cameras. On receiving the call, White was the first to arrive and was soon followed by Moak. In the gunfire, a suspect was wounded and later identified as 25-year-old Marquis Flowers from Brookhaven. 

Although no charges have been filed against flowers yet, he was initially taken to the hospital and is now "in custody".


Addressing the two officers, who are both residents of Lincoln County, as "heroes", Brookhaven Police Chief Kenneth Collins said the city is a "safe community ... but like any place, we have crime. These are two awesome people who lost their lives this morning in the line of duty. Two heroes lost their lives this morning."

Since the investigation is still in its initial stage, a number of people have already been questioned in the case. The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is working on the case, in addition to other agencies.

Gov. Phil Bryant issued a statement via Twitter asking for prayers "for the family and loved ones of these fallen heroes."


Collins added a word of hope when he said, "Men and women of law enforcement, we are not going to give up. This is what we do. They did their jobs and I am proud of both of them. I want the families to know that two heroes lost their lives, and they are in the presence of Jesus right now.” Check out the pictures of the scene here.