Pregnant horse collapses after 'suffering heatstroke from pulling a cart' in blazing sun, two arrested

Pregnant horse collapses after 'suffering heatstroke from pulling a cart' in blazing sun, two arrested
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Distressing and heart-wrenching video footage shows a pregnant horse collapse from heatstroke after the animal was made to pull a cart outside the Principality Stadium in Cardiff in the blazing heat of the sun. 

The exhausted animal, between the age of three and four, was found lying on the ground for around three hours while she struggled and did her best to get up and over what could have been a fatal injury. The incident took place near Westgate Street at around 7 pm on Saturday. The horse was checked by a vet who believes she was carrying a foal and also had to have buckets of water thrown on it.

Eventually, the animal recovered from her exhaustion and was taken to Whispering Willows Sanctuary in South Wales. The pony is now reportedly doing well but is being monitored and observed. 

Meanwhile, authorities arrested two men — one aged 21 and the other aged 25 — at the scene on the suspicion of causing unnecessary suffering to a protected animal. Both the men are in custody. A spokesman from Swansea-based Whispering Willows said, "We took her back last night. When we arrived she was suffering from heatstroke."

"When we arrived, the horse was lying on the floor. She had been there for about three hours. Normally in that situation, you would rub glucose on their gums, it gives them a bit of a boost. We did what we could and got her up. We took her back and a vet has looked at here and they suspected she has a foal. We are hopeful for her and now it is a case of just watching her," the spokesman continued.

A former veterinary nurse Jeanette Cook was among those who helped the distressed animal on the scene before the sanctuary staff arrived shared, "I was driving into Cardiff for a gig with my partner. The horse was in an awful state. Someone had thrown a bucket of water over her but I told them not to do that because it was so hot it can send the animal into shock."

"A few of us tried to get her to stand but she just had no strength, she couldn't move its legs. It is just awful," Cook continued. A police spokesperson added, "South Wales Police responded to numerous calls reporting concern for the welfare of a horse on Westgate Street, Cardiff, shortly before 7 pm last night. On arrival, officers found the animal collapsed on the street."

"Alongside members of the public, the officers tended to the horse while making contact with Whispering Willows Sanctuary, who subsequently arrived and took over care of the horse."

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