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'Last beautiful chapter of our lives': Two grandparents fall in love after exchanging over 200 emails

Roz Lewy, 81, a widow and grandmother of four, fell in love with Ralph Insinger, 87, a retired architect, after exchanging emails online
UPDATED OCT 11, 2022
(Representational Image/Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)
(Representational Image/Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images)

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS: American couple, Roz Lewy, 81, a widow and grandmother of four is a retired English teacher from Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, and Ralph Insinger, 87, a retired architect from Cambridge, Massachusetts, demonstrated that love knows no age barriers by publishing a collection of 200 of their sweet love letters to one another during their relationship.

During a business lunch at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts, Roz Lewy was invited by her daughter, lawyer Karen Argetsinger, and one of her clients, little did Karen know that she would be igniting a friendship between her mother and the witty retired architect Ralph Insinger. Karen had shared some details with her mother about the gentleman with white hair that they were going to meet. Lewy, then a 77-year-old widow said, "She said that he reminded her of her (Karen) father."


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Lewy met Karen's charming client Ralph at the Museum of Fine Arts foyer in Boston, close to where Karen and Insinger resided.  "It turned out to be a good lunch," Ralph reports to His "heart was beating faster" for the first time he met Lewy, he said. When Lewy shook hands with Ralph, she had the same thought.

They met as friends but soon developed romantic feelings for one another

The three individuals explored the displays. Before settling down for lunch, the two elderly individuals enthusiastically discussed their favorite musicians. Roz was in Boston to spend time with her family, but she departed the city shortly thereafter. Not deterred by the 2,000 kilometers that separated them, they began exchanging emails, which eventually evolved into a romantic relationship. Roz says that throughout the course of their gradual process of getting to know each other and discussing their shared interests in areas such as literature, music, and theater, they discovered brilliance and humor in each other through the frequently hilarious emails that they sent. Ralph, who like Roz had lost his partner, discussed with her his interests in gardening, cooking, and painting, as well as the time he spent with his grandkids. In one email, Ralph wrote, “Your photo work is certainly excellent. I’m delighted by the images you captured to show me something of what you attended.” He went on to say, ”Furthermore, with this evidence that you were thinking of me you delighted me also.”

Ralph decided to pay his new friend a visit to Florida in February 2019. "It was such a warm experience that when I left, I realised there was more than just friendship there," he says. Soon after, they were exchanging up to three emails a day and handwritten messages and poems. Their internet conversations had just entered a more amorous phase. "I'd come home in the evening and the first thing I'd do was get out my computer," Ralph says. "I'd look at my inbox and see what Roz had written for the day." The pair performed a modest commitment ceremony in September 2020 and split their time between Massachusetts and Florida as they embark on a new life together. "In this last beautiful chapter of our lives we know in our hearts that we're meant to be together, to blend our separate lives together, making us a couple who measure our living moments as our moments." After almost four years of emailing back and forth, they finally published their memoir, 'Beyond Beyond: A Chance Encounter', an 'Online Courtship', and the 'Language of Love', last month.