Man who bludgeoned to death another driver in road rage incident, is FATALLY run over just moments later

While one driver chased another and bludgeoned him to death with a baseball bat; he in turn was fatally run over moments later

                            Man who bludgeoned to death another driver in road rage incident, is FATALLY run over just moments later
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The fatalities caused by road rage incidents in the US rose by a whopping 500 percent from the year 2006 to 2015. But sometimes individual cases do more to highlight the severity of the situation than statistics no matter how alarming. Take what transpired on Sunday on California Instersate highway, where law enforcement authorities reported that two men died in a road rage attack. While one beat a fellow motorist to death with a baseball bat, he himself was killed moments later after being run over.

According to reports, at around 3.44 am on Sunday, 37-year-old Jose Rodriguez-Carrasco of Oroville allegedly chased down 39-year-old Jason Dyke of Sacramento after their cars mistakenly collided on Interstate 5 near the Del Paso Road exit. The altercation reportedly broke out in the middle of the lanes, according to authorities. Rodrigo-Carrasco attacked Dyke with a baseball bat, who later died from blunt force trauma.

Not content with bludgeoning dyke to death, Rodriguez-Carrasco then began hitting passing cars with the bat before walking northwards along the freeway, witnesses said. Soon after, Rodriguez-Carrasco was struck by a speeding car and killed on the spot. Mike Zerfas, a spokesman for California Highway Patrol, said that while it is common for road rage fights to break out on occasion, it usually does not transpire in the middle of lanes next to busy traffic. According to The Sacramento Bee, Zerfas added, "It escalated from a traffic collision to a fight to a homicide."

“The witness I spoke to, she said she saw a guy with a bat chasing another man,” a police officer says.

"After the confrontation, a person witnesses described as a Hispanic man in his 30s – likely Rodriguez-Carrasco, 37 – was hitting vehicles with a bat or a pipe,” the dispatcher said, “and there’s a male lying in the roadway and bystanders are giving the male CPR.”

According to Sacramento Bee, it appears later in the scanner recording that a police officer has apprehended someone – possibly the driver who hit Rodriguez-Carrasco. “Can you alert jail staff that I have one coming in who’s uncooperative? He’s flipping his cuffs,” an officer can be heard saying in the footage.

Both men were pronounced dead after CHP investigators arrived on the scene. Northbound I-5 in Natomas near Del Paso Road was closed after the incident but has now reopened. Traffic is flowing normally again, according to Caltrans.