Gunmen open fire at home of 2 Camden cops with kid inside, Internet asks why 'no one is protesting'

Investigators located a 1998 dark-colored Honda Odyssey that they believe was involved in the incident, but no arrests have been made so far

                            Gunmen open fire at home of 2 Camden cops with kid inside, Internet asks why 'no one is protesting'
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A manhunt is underway as investigators are searching for two gunmen who opened fire at the home of two Camden County Police officers while their newborn baby was also inside the home. The police mentioned that the gunmen shot at the officers’ home in the 2900 block of Clinton Street, Camden, New Jersey, on Monday, September 14. ABC reported that the house was struck at least six times with bullets when the couple and their 10-day-old infant was inside. However, no one was hurt.

The officers who were the victims of the shooting incident, have been with the Camden County Police department but are presently on leave. Strongly condemning the attack Camden County Police Chief Joseph Wysocki said as reported by NBC, “The attack on our officers was an affront to the department and will not be tolerated.” A user tweeted the video of the officer.


The FBI and other agencies have also gotten involved in probing the case. "We are determined to get to the bottom of this together," told Mike Driscoll, the special agent in charge of the FBI Philadelphia Field Office as reported by ABC. In a recent development in the case, investigators located a 1998 dark-colored Honda Odyssey that they believe was involved in the incident. However, no arrests have been made so far. Further, the police are urging the public to help find the gunmen and provide information regarding the vehicle they used. For this, law enforcement officials are offering a $20,000 reward for anyone who provides information leading to the arrest. "It's critical for us to speak to the owner, the occupants or friends of anybody that operates this vehicle," said Wysocki.

“I want to send a clear message to the sc**bag thugs behind this senseless act. We’re coming to get you," Camden County Freeholder Louis Capelli reportedly said. He added, "You will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If you think you can get away with these crimes under the cover of some unfortunate acts that may have taken place in other parts of the nation or under cover of some national movement, you are wrong. You will be prosecuted and you will be spending as much time in jail as you can possibly get because that’s where you both belong.” Camden County Police also urged public to help, taking to Twitter. It wrote, “Submit tips about these suspects anonymously to the Citizens Crime Commission at (215) 546-TIPS, our tip line at (856) 757-7042 or text through the STOP it Solutions app.”


The horrible incident has started a conversation on Twitter with people not only condemning the attack but also accusing Democrats of spreading socialism. Some people opined that one must vote for Republicans and go against Democrats. Others feel tired of the “woke and anti-police movement” that they allege is due to Democrats. An infuriated user wrote, “Tired of this woke, anti-police movement? The best way to get back at these fools is to just vote Republican down the ballot in November. Teach the Dems the lesson of being disrespectful towards police, means you will lose power. Donate, volunteer, and work to help the GOP!” Another concurred bashing Democrats over the shooting incident, “I fully expect Democrats to keep unrest and lawlessness going no matter what the election results. This is their big push for socialism across America.” Another one said, "This is what happens when cities and states allow the police to be disrespected. It happened in Compton, now it happened in Camden, and it happens all over every day. Cops can get shot at and no one protests, but a cop shoots a criminal with a weapon and all thecountry screams."





Some were wondering how the shooters got the addresses of the officers. Others speculated it might be facilitated by Real estate information. A user wrote, “How are they able to obtain addresses/and or names- praying for all of you.” Another concurred, “Real estate info is readily available. Current employment and salary are also available on a state database. Combine the two and you can find a lot of people.”



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