What is a 'Straight Lesbian'? Strange label trends after it's added to LGBTQ+, internet asks 'isn't that just bi'

A bizarre new phrase that has been gaining attention online, social media users can't help but scratch their heads when they saw 'straight lesbian' trend on Twitter

                            What is a 'Straight Lesbian'? Strange label trends after it's added to LGBTQ+, internet asks 'isn't that just bi'
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The Internet is a crazy world where sometimes the most bizarre trends start to rise. The latest trend to be added to the list is "Straight Lesbian". While many people have been celebrating Pride Month, others have been having a hard time identifying the labels that come under the LGBTQ+ community. 

To help people, a twitter user who goes by the name Warren Acab decided to post a tweet that laid out all the labels that come under it. "A list of under-recognized lgbtq+ labels to remember! -agender -androgynous -androphilic -aromantic -asexual -animal gender -demigender -demiboy -demigirl -gender non conforming -gynephilic -intersex -neopronoun users -omnisexual -polysexual -polyamorous -skoliosexual," the tweet read.

Another tweet made by the account stated, "A few more: -bi lesbian -pan lesbian -ace lesbian -sapphic -straight lesbian -semibisexual anyone who uses the labels above are valid and should be recognized and loved if there’s any more that I missed please leave them in the replies!" Many people, however, were left scratching their heads thinking what was a straight lesbian. "Straight lesbian????? Tf is that and why does it exist," read one tweet. "Now straight lesbian trending lesbians are TIRED leave us ALONEEEEEEEE WE DON'T LIKE MENNNN our sexuality is not an UMBRELLA TERM go away omfg," added another.

Meanwhile, some wondered if straight lesbian meant bisexual. "So do people out there think that 'bisexual' or 'sapphic' or anything else like that are just too basic or something? That they make just a little too much sense? Do you have any idea how many things are wrong with the phrase 'STRAIGHT LESBIAN'???" read one comment. 

"Wouldn't a straight lesbian be bi tho, since they would like both men and women," another questioned. While many questioned the credibility of the post, others asked the user to get educated about the community before posting things like this on social media. "I feel like this post came from a good place and you're 13 and probably don't know better but a lot of these 'identities' are incredibly insensitive and invalidate both bi women and lesbians' identities. please just try to educate yourself!" read the comment.

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