Florida twins Khalil and Kianna Sapp tragically electrocuted to death after touching live cable during Hurricane Nicole

Florida twins Khalil and Kianna Sapp tragically electrocuted to death after touching live cable during Hurricane Nicole
Kianna and Khalil Sapp are a casualty of Category 1 Hurricane Nicole (Facebook/Greater Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church)

ORLANDO, FLORIDA: Twins Khalil and Kianna Sapp were tragically killed when they came into contact with a live electrical wire during Hurricane Nicole in Orlando, Florida. Khalil Sapp was driving with his sister Kianna and her child Mylah, 1, when they came across the live cable on the morning of November 10 in the Conway neighborhood.

Khalil was electrocuted when he touched the line in order to move it. The Orange County Sheriff's Office reports that he was declared deceased at the scene. After, his sister got out of the car, but she was also electrocuted while trying to save her brother. A witness named Kimberly Neff told WFTV that the strong winds made it difficult for first responders to reach the victims. Kianna was taken to the nearest hospital as she was in need of immediate medical attention and was declared dead there. By the time paramedics were able to reach Khalil, Neff reported to the station that his body was actually on fire.


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They were 23 years old when they died. Kianna's daughter was uninjured in the event. On November 21, Mylah will turn two years old. A GoFundMe campaign has been created to assist the family of the deceased siblings with funeral expenses. On the page, the twins are described as, "two young souls full of dreams, hopes and aspirations. These two siblings with positive attitudes, always willing to help others and always put others needs before theirs." Any remaining funds will be put into trust for Mylah. 

23-year-old Khalil Sapp was an entrepreneur (GoFundMe)

Five Americans have already died as a result of Hurricane Nicole in the US. The father of the twins was at the scene of their murders on November 11, according to WFTV, waiting for workers to clear the wreckage so that he could lay flowers where his daughters were killed. According to Kianna's Facebook page, Khalil was an entrepreneur, while Kianna worked in retail while living in the Orlando region. Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings said, "This really is a reminder to use extreme caution when out after a storm. Never touch a downed power line. Always assume that it is a live wire."

Khalil Sapp was driving with his twin sister Kianna Sapp and her daughter when he came across a live wire and was electrocuted (Youtube/WFTV)

The main cause of death in the immediate aftermath of a storm is electrocution. At roughly 3 am, the Category 1 hurricane—the first to hit the US in November in forty years—made landfall on North Hutchinson Island, near Vero Beach, some 140 miles north of Miami. Hurricane Nicole has been reduced to a tropical storm but is still moving along the East Coast despite the downgrade.

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