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Who is Tulsi Gabbard's husband? Spouse keeps low profile as Rep's biolabs comments slammed

Nearly 10 years her junior, Gabbard's husband has managed to avoid all the public scrutiny of his controversial wife while working in Hollywood
UPDATED MAR 14, 2022
Tulsi Gabbard with Abraham Williams in a series of photos uploaded to Instagram (@abrahamwilliamsdp/Instagram)
Tulsi Gabbard with Abraham Williams in a series of photos uploaded to Instagram (@abrahamwilliamsdp/Instagram)

Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard is facing the ire of Republicans and Democrats alike in mid-March 2022. The failed 2020 Presidential candidate came under fire after claiming there were American-funded Biolabs in Ukraine, a false claim that has been debunked by both nations. 

It wasn't the first time she has been closely linked to Russia and Russian propaganda. On March 11, 2022, it emerged that she took money from Russian agent Elena Branson for her presidential campaign. Back in October 2019, Hillary Clinton even dubbed Gabbard a "Russian asset", which led to Gabbard suing Clinton for $50 million. Given the heightened tensions between the US and Russia at the moment, Gabbard's association is certainly going to have a damning impact on her future. 


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Like many political spouses though, Gabbard's husband has maintained a very low profile and stayed well away from her controversies. He's not publicly commented, or even defended the Democrat, despite the seriousness of the allegations against her. If you are wondering who he is, here's everything we know about him.


Who is Tulsi Gabbard's husband?

Gabbard is currently married to Abraham Williams, a cinematographer who has worked in Hollywood. Originally from New Zealand, Williams moved to the US thanks to his mother, who coincidentally worked at the Honolulu District Office after separating from Williams' biological father. Since 2012, Williams has been credited with working on several productions like 'Go For Broke' and 'Angel by Thursday'. 

Apart from Hollywood, Williams also offers photography and videography services via his website. He's reportedly offered his services to several government officials, including his wife while splitting his time between Hawaii, Los Angeles, and New York. The two met in 2012 after Williams volunteered to shoot ads for Gabbard's congressional campaign. From there, things only got better and better, and eventually, they married in 2015. 


While Williams still shoots campaign ads for Gabbard, his mother still works at the District Office, and is reportedly an "integral part of 'Team Tulsi'." By all indications, it appears that the family is close, with Williams refusing to publicly get political. While his Twitter account occasionally retweets Gabbard's tweets, they are rare and few. In contrast, he's extremely active on Instagram, posting images of his work across the country, along with many of him and Gabbard. 

Gabbard hasn't exactly tried to hide their relationship and even opened up about it in an interview with The New York Times in 2015. "As we got to know each other, we realized how much we actually had in common," she said, adding, "Our friendship and relationship developed over our mutual love for the ocean and surfing." In fact, Williams even proposed to Gabbard while the two were surfing, a moment that appears etched in her memory forever. 

It's clear then that Gabbard can count on her spouse to sail through this turbulent time, as she is attacked from both the left and right. In fact, Republican Mitt Romney was one of the only Republicans to bravely call Gabbard out, while others remained silent on the lie, that Tucker Carlson and Fox News have been making for days now.