New life is always a reason to celebrate. And when it's one of nature's most beautiful babies - the sea turtle, it's an amazing journey for the hatchling to take its first few steps from hatching on the shore to making its way to the ocean.

Susan Bell,  who works with sea turtles at Oak Island, North Carolina, uploaded this video on Sunday, September 2, with the hashtags "#thestruggleisreal #seatutles." The short clip trails the baby sea reptile as it makes its way from its nest on the eight-mile-long shore to the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean. 

The tiny footprints the sea turtle, belonging to the loggerhead family of turtles, leaves behind in the wake of the waves are super cute.  Using its tiny limbs nimbly to paddle into the water, the little hatchling is seen bravely taking on the waves proving how tough turtles are to survive in the wild. Despite getting pushed back, the resilience of the young one is amazing as it repeatedly makes its way back into the sandy waters. 

At one point, the turtle is flipped by the waves onto its back, and Bell lends a quick helping hand to right the young one back and send it on its way. She is heard commenting that they must allow it to make its way on its own, since the struggle helps the turtle become strong for the aquatic life ahead. Bell confirms later that the turtle eventually makes it way into the waters.

Here's wishing the little one a happy life in the ocean!