'Tune in for Love', 'One Spring Night' and 'Something in the Rain' establishes Jung Hae-in's credits in portraying men in mature relationships

'Tune in for Love', 'One Spring Night' and 'Something in the Rain' establishes Jung Hae-in's credits in portraying men in mature relationships

'Tune in for Love' is a beautiful portrayal of how two youngsters' first love progresses into a mature relationship that accepts flaws in each other while celebrating the love they have for one another. Actor Jung Hae-in portrays the role of the male lead Hyun-woo while actress Kim Go-eun portrayed the role of Mi-soo in the film.

This is the latest of Hae-in's works which sees him in a romance that centers on portraying relatable relationships. Hae-in has a way of charming audiences with not just his smile, but also his grounded performances. 

When Hyun-woo figures out the password for his email id that Mi-soo had set up for him in 'Tune in for Love'. (Source: Screenshot)

The actor today has an extensive international audience, who have been exposed to his work through Netflix, which has been recently collaborating with South Korean networks to distribute shows and films to a wider audience. While his supporting roles in 'While you were sleeping' and 'Prison Playbook' gained him attention, his breakout role happened to be in a series titled 'Something in the Rain', in which Hae-in played the role of Seo Joon-hee for JTBC network.

The show was about a young man falling in love with an older woman, who happens to be his sister's friend. Son Ye-jin played the role of Yoon Jin-ah in the show that portrayed the struggles of being in a relationship that society would disprove of. 

A still from 'Something in the Rain'. (Source: JTBC)

He belonged to a broken family, and despite being successful otherwise, he is looked upon as an individual with a fault, or more accurately, a stain, by people around. One of the biggest hurdles in Jin-ah and Joon-hee's relationship is disapproval by Jin-ah's family.

They do not want her to be in a relationship with a man much younger than her and despite how vehemently Jin-ah holds on to their relationship, the fact remains that her family's decisions are influenced by putting their reputation ahead of Jin-ah's happiness. 


A still from 'One Spring Night'. (Source: MBC)

He was then seen in 'One Spring Night' in which he played the role of a single father, Yoo Ji-ho, who works as a pharmacist. He meets an intriguing woman who comes in, to buy a hangover cure. The two find themselves attracted to each other.

The role of the female lead is played by Han Ji-min, and as Lee Jeong-in, she is a librarian who has been in a long term relationship for a while, and with Ji-ho's senior at university. So how the two deal with their feelings for each other and the conflicts of bringing a child into a relationship that is already tumultuous, adds depth to the show.

Amid all of this, the two also try to convince their friends and family that their relationship is not a fleeting affair, but deep love. The portrayal of interpersonal relationships in the show is enlightening, especially that between Ji-ho and his young son. 


When Hae-in follows these two shows up with 'Tune in for Love', a film this time about relationships, he is essentially making the genre his stronghold. With 'Tune in for Love', Hae-in portrays another dimension in a relationship. One that begins as a crush, progresses into love and grows into a mature relationship over 10 years and multiple separations. He does it so convincingly, Hae-in has become one of the best South Korean actors to portray mature men. 

'Tune in for Love', 'One Spring Night' and 'Something in the Rain' can be streamed on Netflix. 


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