Tucker Gales: Georgia 15-year-old shoots father dead after seeing him abuse his mother for nine years

Tucker Gales: Georgia 15-year-old shoots father dead after seeing him abuse his mother for nine years
Tucker and Wesley Jordan Gales (Columbia County Sheriff's Office)

COLUMBIA COUNTY, GEORGIA: A teenager who allegedly admitted he killed his abusive father is being charged as an adult. 15-year-old Tucker Gales was put behind bars for the murder of his father Wesley Jordan Gales, 66. Police said the incident took place on October 28 at a home in Appling off Gales Road. Tucker admitted to authorities that he shot his father with a .22 caliber Marlin semiautomatic rifle after “he had enough of his father abusing his mother," Fox 54 reported.

Court documents indicate a history of abuse in the tragic home. Wesley Gales was arrested in March for cruelty to children and family violence/battery after he allegedly punched his wife, Deborah, in the eye and kicked her in the head. He also threw a DVD player down the hall, and cursed and screamed at his son when he attempted to pick it up. Responding officers questioned Wesley Gales after noting blood coming out of Deborah Gales’ nose and marks on her body. He then admitted to the verbal and physical altercation, and was sentenced to a year of probation after pleading guilty to the charges against him, the Augusta Chronicle reported.

In September, Deborah called 911 after Wesley allegedly threatened to shoot Tucker in the head. She told the dispatcher that her husband had also kicked her in her private parts, but Wesley strongly denied the allegations to responding officers. “Due to conflicting statements, no physical evidence, and a lack of third-party witnesses, no charges were filed,” police said at the time. According to the report, the alleged physical abuse had been going on for years. In 2017, Deborah and Tucker told authorities that Wesley was being physically abusive. However, he denied the accusation.

“Yes you did; you grabbed her by the hair,” Tucker Gales said at the time. “Thanks, Tucker. Now I am going to jail,” his father replied, before telling the responding deputy he had to "defend" himself after Deborah had allegedly "karate chopped him in the neck." Deborah, however, agreed with her son and said Wesley had grabbed her by the hair at least three times during the dispute and even pulled her down the stairs by the hair.

A third party witness told police that she was speaking with Deborah over the phone and heard Wesley becoming belligerent. The witness hung up the phone shortly after and called 911. The incident report stated, "due to testimonial evidence, Wesley was identified as the primary aggressor and was taken into custody. Wesley was charged with disorderly conduct citation."

There have been reports of disruptions and family violence at the home since 2011, when Tucker was just 6 years old. That year, Wesley was taken to the Columbia County Detention Center and issued a county ordinance citation after he reportedly admitted to slapping his wife in the face and being verbally abusive to her because she poured cold coffee on him, according to the Columbia County Sheriff's Office.

Tucker Gales, 15, was granted a signature bond on Thursday, October 29 — allowing him to be free from custody until his trial.

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