WATCH: Moment when a boy challenges TSA agent to a dance battle and he accepts!

WATCH: Moment when a boy challenges TSA agent to a dance battle and he accepts!
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Footage of a Transport Security Administration (TSA) agent engaging in a dance battle with a young boy is going viral and has social media in splits. The video was reportedly recorded by nearby passengers who were amused to witness this unusual, delightful challenge.

The clip shows the officer standing at a checkpoint at the airport and accepting the young boy's dance challenge as they both bust out some moves.

The officer, identified as Joshua McCall, was processing a family of five through security when a little boy in the group challenged him to a dance-off on Monday.

At first, the agent appears to be admiring the boy's moves and then both of them eventually start showing off their best dance moves, including the popular dance move called The Floss. The famous dance move was created by a dancing social media megastar, Russel Horning, who is also known as The Backpack Kid.

In the clip, the officer and the little boy can be seen doing The Floss, a few times and then they change it to another dance move and clap above their heads and nearby passengers and other agents begin laughing and look in amusement.

The hilarious video was shared on Facebook by the TSA Public Affairs spokesperson Lisa Farbstein with the caption: "@TSA officer at @EWRairport was assisting a family through the screening process when one of the family’s three children began dancing. The TSA officer admired the dance moves that the boy showed and that’s when the boy challenged the office to a dance battle. Game on!"

New Jersey TSA federal security director Tom Carter reportedly said that the officers of the agency would "be happy to accept any dance challenges from passengers," as long as they're not too busy, according to the Daily Mail.

Carter appreciated McCall's spontaneity and said that the agent not just assisted in keeping the family safe at the checkpoint but also made their experience memorable and pleasurable, reports state.

The director added: "It's a good example of the human side of our great and dedicated professionals on the front lines of homeland security."

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