‘Truth Seekers’ Ending Explained: Did Dave hide truth from Gus by making evil plans, does it hint at Season 2?

Dave and JoJo74 both agree that sending Toynbee, a human, for a paranormal experiment of mass annihilation was a mistake

                            ‘Truth Seekers’ Ending Explained: Did Dave hide truth from Gus by making evil plans, does it hint at Season 2?
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Amazon Prime’s latest series ‘Truth Seeker’ picks up the pace and is on the verge of decoding mysteries in the seventh episode of the eight-episode show. The viewers learn that Elton (Samson Kayo) is a doorway connecting the real and the paranormal world. He helps Astrid's (Ema D’Arcy) mother attain salvation who was the fire ghost that he encountered as a child. On the other front, Emily’s soul (Rosalie Craig) reveals that Dr Toynbee (Julian Barratt) is on a conspiracy that can annihilate the entire human race with a horrific game of cosmos.

Episode 8 starts with Emily sitting in front of Toynbee asking him questions on his findings. However, she has no idea that she is a bait for the murderer doctor who makes sacrifices to fulfil his operation of being eternal. As the eclipse occurs, Toynbee brutally murders Emily as part of his vile ritual. The viewers learn that this whole incident has happened in the past and that Toynbee is up to make many sacrifices like this for his operation. This is why he has controlled his followers' minds who are all gathering for the final stage of operation at Portland Power Station.

Meanwhile, Dave (Simon Pegg), along with his assistant at SMYLE, decodes about Toynbee’s operation. It is revealed that broadband connection can provide insulation for inter-dimensional activities. This means that if the broadband connection is strong then Toynbee’s operation won’t be successful. Meanwhile, the team of ghost investigators Gus (Rick Frost), Elton and Astrid embark on a race against time to save all those lives of innocent people that also include Gus' father-in-law Richard (Malcolm McDowell).

The Truth Seekers enter the place of operation after wearing red eye makeup done by Helen (Susan Wokoma). This is a trademark look the squad has to wear as otherwise they would get detected by Toynbee’s men. Before entering the operation site, Gus gets a call from JoJo74 (Kelly Macdonald) who warns them to not go inside and trust her. However, Dave also calls Gus and asks him to go, if he trusts him as he reveals about Toynbee’s vindictive plot. Gus trusts Dave and goes to the operation site with Helen. However, they get busted by Toynbee’s men after they find that pair is not possessed and are there to save others. Toynbee’s men hypnotize Helen but Gus escapes and hides.

On the other front, Astrid and Elton head to the bunker to switch off the voice of Toynbee’s assistant. She had previously sacrificed her life for Toynbee and now her spirit is captured inside an old voice machine. The only way to quash her is to enter inside the machine, which Astrid does with the help of Elton. However, she is unable to return back to the real world making it clear she was the ghost all this time and her mother was the reason that Helena and Elton’s childhood got torn apart.

In the final showdown, the eclipse has emerged. Toynbee starts to speak the evil curses but is interrupted by Gus who is hiding as one of his men. Gus picks a fight with Toynbee but is thrashed by him. Toynbee then picks a knife and is ready to make his own sacrifice to achieve eternity as eclipse approaches. However, he is unable to complete the operation as Dave makes sure that broadband connection reaches there which impedes paranormal activities to happen. In the end, the eclipse happens amid the restoration of full broadband services which awakens all hypnotized people and making Toybee’s sacrifice go futile.

After the operation is unsuccessful, it is revealed that JoJo74 was not trustable and has possibly plotted the villain Toynbee to accomplish the task of eternity. She enters Dave’s office and the two have a camaraderie during which Dave and JoJo74 both agree that sending Toynbee, a human, for a paranormal experiment was a mistake. This makes us wonder if Dave was also involved in the plotting of the villain or did he know JoJo 74 was overseeing the operation the whole time. Was Dave involved in the operation or not will get more articulated once the makers of the show drop Season 2, which is not yet announced.

'Truth Seekers' is streaming on Amazon Prime Video from Friday, October 30.

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