'Truth Seekers': Did Dr Peter Toynbee kill Gus's wife Emily? Here's how it hints at a bigger conspiracy

'Truth Seekers': Did Dr Peter Toynbee kill Gus's wife Emily? Here's how it hints at a bigger conspiracy
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Amazon’s latest comedy-horror series ‘Truth Seekers’ left many viewers scratching their heads. The show has many talking points, from ghost investigator Elton (Samson Kayo) being a doorway between real and paranormal to Astrid (Emma D’ Arcy) being a ghost and of course, the mystery surrounding Gus’s wife Emily (Rosalie Craig).

We’d like to decode if Emily, who is mentioned right from the beginning of the show, had died in a car accident or was she killed? Moreover, if she was killed under some sinister plot, then is that suggestive of a bigger conspiracy?

To get to that, one has to carefully read Emily’s character sketch. She was always passionate about paranormal activities like her husband Gus (Nick Frost). Emily was a good researcher too and a loving wife. However, there is an enigma around her death right from the beginning when Elton is fixated over a photograph of her. Several episodes hint that she has a connection with Dr Peter Toynbee (Julian Barratt) and Elton both.


Let's talk about Toynbee first. Gus too is fascinated by him as the doctor has expertise on cosmos and otherworldly things. The doctor holds cosmos related conventions and has a huge following. Gus comes across a research book by Emily that tells “contact Dr Toybnee”. From this moment on, it is clear that she is hinting at something.

Episode 8 starts with Emily sitting in front of Toynbee, asking him questions on his findings of the cosmos. However, she has no idea that she is bait for the murderer doctor who is in on a sinister conspiracy that can lead to mass annihilation. Toynbee is driven to make sacrifices of people to fulfill his operation of being eternal. Since he is an expert on the cosmos, he awaits the ideal time of the eclipse to occur so he can murder Emily. Moments later, we see the eclipse and Toynbee brutally murdering Emily as part of his vile ritual.


The viewer learns that this whole incident has happened in the past and that Toynbee is up to making many more sacrifices for his future operation. This is why he has controlled his followers' minds who are all gathering for the final stage of the operation at Portland Power Station. Until now, none of the characters are aware of Toynbee's evil conspiracy.

Coming to Emily's connection with Elton, she is the one who tried to help him out when Elton was a child and had seen a fire ghost that triggered his media trial. Emily’s soul, revived by Elton’s gifted powers, reveals to Gus that Dr Toynbee is the villain. Apparently, he is building his army by possessing people and using them as bait. Moreover, it is revealed to Gus that his wife was killed by the doctor.

On learning this, the team of Truth Seekers — Gus, Elton and Astrid — embark on a race against time to save all those lives that are captivated by Dr Toynbee. This also includes Emily’s beloved father Richard (Malcolm McDowell) who has been hypnotized by Toynbee. Will the doctor succeed in his horrific plan? We’d not kill the suspense for you and recommend watching the series for its amazing cliffhanger.

'Truth Seekers' is streaming on Amazon Prime Video from October 30.


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