Has the 'Truth Seekers' cast seen real ghosts? How scary encounters like 'kiss on the forehead' inspired show

'Truth Seekers' delves into paranormal investigations and some of its cast members and creators have personally had ghostly experiences

                            Has the 'Truth Seekers' cast seen real ghosts? How scary encounters like 'kiss on the forehead' inspired show
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Any cinematic experience becomes more riveting if the viewers know it is based on real-life stories. Amazon Prime's new comedy-horror series 'Truth Seekers' delves into paranormal investigations and some of its cast members and creators have personally had ghostly experiences. Its cast and creators from Nick Frost (Gus) to Samson Kayo (Elton) and Emma D'Arcy (Astrid) have reportedly shared some tantalizing stories.

One would wonder if their reel and real-life persona’s have any similarities or if the series is inspired by their personal stories. The series has Nick Frost playing the protagonist Gus. He is depicted as a man who works at an internet installation company called Smyle and is passionate about ghost hunting. To our amazement, the real-life Nick Frost and his friend Simon Pegg who co-created the show also liked ghost hunting.

"We used to ghost hunt 20 years ago when we were just doing it for the laughs and neither of us could find any girls who wanted to kiss us! I think if there had been women in our lives at that point we would have done a lot less ghost-hunting but it’s a Saturday, you’ve got nothing else to do, so you drive into the country, find an old cemetery and see if you can summon up the ghost of a long-dead relative!"


Frost reportedly admitted that interest in the otherworldly has always been a family affair. “My mum, she’s not with us anymore, she had like 8 sisters, and they’re all Welsh. Welsh women who all talked about ghosts and seeing sh*t all the time. I was brought up on it really," he concluded.

On being asked in an interview if there’s anything unexplainable or paranormal that ever happened in his life, Frost said, “Yes, loads of bits and pieces. My mum comes from one of eight sisters and they’re all witchy, Pembroke, Welsh ladies. I think my aunt, Melanie, is a vampire. I’ve been at her house before and things have moved."

"The other day, we were somewhere and the door started banging, I said, ‘hang on a second’. But the handle was actually being tried, so I said ‘hang on’, and it happened again. As I opened the door, there was no one in the corridor. I think it’s like the ghost of Tommy Trinder or something or some other comedy hero," he added.

'Truth Seekers' (Amazon Prime)

Syfy reported about Frost’s past supernatural encounters in real life. After breaking up with a former girlfriend years ago, Frost came home to find all of his possessions (save for a single mattress) had been taken by his ex. With her gone, strange things started to happen.

"Me and Simon Pegg ended up sleeping on this single mattress and just watching 'The X-Files' on this weird, TV-video player combo. But we'd hear the door banging all the time and this bell would ring. And then one day I was laying there, watching TV, and I felt a woman kiss my forehead. As I span 'round, thinking it was Simon mucking about, I was just there in the house on my own."
In the series, Simon plays Nick’s boss and assigns paranormal cases to him while the latter chases ghosts. So there is enough room to think that their off-screen curiosity transcended to their on-screen characters. 

'Truth Seekers' (Amazon Prime)

Samson Kayo who plays Gus' colleague and ghost hunter Elton also shared some of the real-life strange stories. "My family's Nigerian and one time, my mom said she saw a mermaid when she was coming back from college," he reportedly said.

"She's so confident, it's been like 20 years now and she's still sticking to that story, that I'm starting to believe her." 'Truth Seekers' shows Elton as Gus' new assistant. Elton seems to be afraid of the supernatural activities at first but ends up being the most vital character. What keeps him reluctantly working on paranormal cases hints towards big hooks in the story. 

'Truth Seekers' (Amazon Prime)

Emma D'Arcy who plays Astrid recalled strange allusions. She is shown as a complex character in the series. At one moment she is fearing ghosts and another moment chasing them. This wraps a mystery around her enigmatic role. 

"A couple of weeks ago, I mistook a squirrel for the spirit of my grandma," said Emma D'Arcy. "The house I live in is quite dark and there was this light on the wall in my kitchen ... and it was hovering there and it was really beautiful. There was no reason why that should be reflected or whatever and I felt really moved and I started thinking about my grandma."

With so many strange encounters and peculiar musings, one can only await the series ‘Truth Seekers’ with bated breath to see if the show is inspired by real incidents. 'Truth Seekers' is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video from October 30.

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