Trump White House's intern program slammed for being very white, again

Trump White House's intern program slammed for being very white, again
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President Donald Trump's White House is being criticized, again, for its latest batch spring 2018 interns, who are predominantly white. 

The White House released a photograph on Friday of President Trump posing with the 91-member intern staff on Twitter. However, it did not take long for social media users to point out how very white the latest intern batch was as they slammed the White House over the intern batch's lack of diversity. 

Political scientist and Washington Post columnist, Brian Klaas, said: "The White House intern photo is like a Where's Waldo for a non-white person — in a country that is about 40% non-white."

While SiriusXM host Joe Madison wrote on the popular micro-blogging site: "Notice anything wrong with this picture? These are the White House interns. Emphasis on white."

The White House had faced similar criticism over its internship program last summer after people noticed that the photographs of the interns with Vice President Mike Pence featured very few people of color, according to reports.


"Diversity this ain’t," France 24 correspondent Philip Crowther added.

Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan had also faced some heat in July 2016 over the issue after a selfie was posted on the internet with him and Capitol Hill interns, who seemed all white.

Some of the critics on social media also compared this year's picture with Trump to the ones from 2015 and 2012 with former President Barack Obama. The intern groups Obama posed for a picture with appeared noticeably more diverse than Trump's.

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