Trump was more upset that Capitol mob looked ‘low class’ than about attacks, Internet says 'he's in the same class'

The president was not at all concerned about the violence and loss of sanctity of the Capitol building

                            Trump was more upset that Capitol mob looked ‘low class’ than about attacks, Internet says 'he's in the same class'
Donald Trump thought supporters breaching Capitol looked low class (Getty Images)

While Washington was left shaken on January 6 after pro-Trump protesters breached the Capitol and got violent, Donald Trump was not really concerned about the destruction or insurrection that was occurring but was more worried about how violent extremists seemed to appear "low class". As a result of the violence, at least five people, including one police officer, lost their lives. 14 people were injured during the riots allegedly incited by Trump's speech regarding false claims about the 2020 election which saw him lose. Trump had called on his supporters to march to the Capitol building as the Congress got ready to certify the results of his electoral defeat. 

According to the New York Magazine, Trump was very displeased with the appearance of the rioters and believed his supporters looked "low class". A White House source who chose to remain anonymous told the publication, "He doesn’t like low class things." The reports of Trump's comments drew a lot of criticism online from social media users. One such user shared, "Looked? Who the hell does he think his supporters are? The country club set?" Another user commented, "Trump expected a formidable maga army and these guy showed up. I would have loved to see his reaction when he realized his coup was a bust."

Yet another shared, "He's just now realizing that rednecks in pickups displaying confederate flags are 'low class'? Perhaps he'd like to invite them all for a free buffet at Mar-a-Lago and get to know them on a personal level. Then a golf outing in fatigues and combat boots?" One chimed in: "Funny. Donald Trump not liking low class. He thinks having money makes you high class. What determines you class is who you attract. Donald Trump is EXACTLY in the same class as those criminal thugs who stormed the Capitol." Still another user added: "Dear rioters & looters (aka domestic terrorists): Your dear leader, Donald Trump, was upset about one thing during the insurrection- not the people dying or your storming of the Capitol with innocent people inside- no he felt y’all looked too low class. He has always despised you."






One user targeted Ivanka Trump and commented: "The only real criticism that's come from your father is that those who assaulted our Capitol looked too "low class". Seriously, how do you live with yourself?" One upset user stated: "Trump was more upset that Capitol mob looked ‘low class’ than about violent attacks, reports say… Does Donald J Trump think he has class? Class requires more than money, and if he owes $421M, well. Trump is a tramp."



"I am always amazed that he feels entitled to criticize others’ appearance. Does he ever look in a mirror?" commented another user. Yet another shared, "His supporters ARE low class. Was he expecting them to show up in suits with the weapons in their brief cases?" Another social media user who echoed the same sentiments added, "What did he expect Louis Vuitton logos instead of camo and flannel?"




We had earlier reported that Trump acted like "a monster" and was "mentally unreachable" during the violence that ensued as a result of a MAGA mob breaching the Capitol, his aides have claimed. Trump also refused to "condemn his people" as they rioted and looted the Capitol as a means to prevent lawmakers from declaring President-elect Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 election.

Democrats have called for Trump's impeachment and arrest after he told his supporters to march on DC while speaking at a rally. He was also slammed as he kept reiterating that there had been election fraud though he failed to provide any evidence to back his claims. We also reported that the Republican Party has largely started accepting the reality and now, one of his former aides at the White House has gone to the extent of saying that the president is going through a “psychotic episode” after losing the high-stakes electoral battle last month.

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