After Trump's TikTok ban, Internet explores Clash app and rapper Elijah Daniel vows to make it 'gays only'

The Clash app is for people who love creating videos with tools for video creators to earn a living

                            After Trump's TikTok ban, Internet explores Clash app and rapper Elijah Daniel vows to make it 'gays only'
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UPDATE: Since this story was published, rapper Elijah Daniel has deleted the string of tweets mentioned in this article.

President Donald Trump on July 31 told reporters that his administration will ban Chinese owned video-sharing app TikTok in the wake of security concerns. While aboard Air Force One, Trump said, "As far as TikTok is concerned, we’re banning them from the United States." Just after this news, the internet popped up with views regarding which social media video app will replace TikTok. It was at this juncture that comedian Kurtis Conner, who runs a YouTube channel in his name, suggested the idea of the Clash App which is just a day old.


Kurtis tweeted that his post isn’t an ad but he was just supporting the creator who made the app, which is arriving at the perfect time. It seems like the app has brought to the fore alternative options for producing diverse video content with many comedians and rappers supporting it. Rapper Elijah Daniel of resERECTION fame said, "Most large creators are moving there from TikTok as it was created by creators." He also jokingly proposed the idea of making this app as a "gays only" app before the straights take it over. 


"WAIT ACTUALLY we have time let make this a gays only app before the straights take over lmao tweet ur username w the hashtag #clash so we can all follow each other there," he tweeted. 


Soon pictures started to do the rounds on the Internet showing Elijah as the most followed person on the Clash App.


The Clash app is for people who love creating videos and can binge watch some in leisure. The app, as mentioned in the App Store, is inbuilt with tools for video creators to earn a living. It brings together communities over video and claims to be "Seriously Fun and Seriously Creative". Many seem to be already reaping the benefits of the app and have started to post screenshots of how it appears when one is all decked up to use it.


People on the internet are browsing to look for replacements and sharing their experience of putting some content on Clash. "Idk I’m not a fan of the replacements. I don't think they lend themselves well to content that would be considered long form on TikTok. I tried putting some of my TikTok on clash and it said they were too long. Maybe we can get them to extend their video length? Idk,” tweeted a user. 


Many also tweeted that the app was currently not available when they tried to open it to put content. "Got Donald Duck :) #Clash," tweeted a user jokingly. 


Some users were upset seeing that the app is only for Apple Users. “So are we just gonna forget about all android users? Ok then…" tweeted a user.


Another user tweeted in a disenchanted tone with the fact that no android users can use it. “When it's only for apple users,” he tweets. 


From outrage to humor and a general sympathy towards a global chunk of content creators, the Internet is divided and angry over the ban on TikTok which has made them navigate apps like Clash.

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