Trump's 'chat' with Argentina’s First Lady at photo op leaves social media guessing about what made her beam

Trump's 'chat' with Argentina’s First Lady at photo op leaves social media guessing about what made her beam

President Donald Trump, after spending the day meeting with the leaders of Russia, Brazil, and Japan, couldn't help but turn his attention towards the First Lady of Argentina at the G20 Summit in Osaka, Japan during a "family photo."

As the Republican and other world leaders filed in front of the Osaka castle for a second group photo of the day on Friday morning. Trump shook hands with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and patted Russian President Vladimir Putin on the back, and eventually walked to the photo event with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe before an evening of cultural program.

Snapshots of President Trump interacting with the Argentinian First Lady (Source: Twitter)

As the US president was standing there, it did not take him long to notice the stunning wife of Argentine President Mauricio Macri, Juliana Awada, who was standing right beside her husband and behind Trump as she smiled for the cameras.


Trump reportedly turned behind repeatedly to make conversation with her during the photo event, at one point even cupping his hand over his mouth to make a comment to the Argentine first lady as he grinned. He also spoke to President Macri intermittently.

When the photo op was over, he also helped extend a hand to guide Awada as she descended from a platform. The group then walked towards the venue where the cultural program, consisting of a piano concert and dancing was organized for the world leaders.

You can watch the video here .

Multiple world leaders brought their spouses along with them for the event, however, First Lady Melania Trump did not join the president on the trip. He was, however, accompanied by his daughter Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner. 

Trump had reportedly done business with Macri's father before he became the president, saying in 2017: "I actually did business [with] his father. That was in my civilian days." He had made the statement when Trump and Melania hosted the couple at the White House in 2017. 


A clip of Trump speaking to Awada at the meet soon began doing the rounds of social media, wondering what the two may have been chatting about. Many suggested that the Argentine first lady is Trump's "type" and that he was flirting with her.

One user said: "Guess Melania is getting too old for him... He's shopping for newer models." While another said: "Trump ignores world leaders, flirts with the Argentine First Lady. Apparently, she’s his type."

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