Trump supporters at Binghamton University now travel in 'packs' on campus after 'harassment' from leftist students

Trump supporters at Binghamton University now travel in 'packs' on campus after 'harassment' from leftist students
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Republican supporters at Binghamton University campus have decided to walk in “packs” to ensure their safety following harassment from a leftist mob. Last Thursday, November 14, the students were surrounded by an angry mob of 200 people and had to resort to police protection for safety.

It all started with name-calling and asking to leave but soon the chaotic scenes snowballed, leading to vandalism of merchandise and yelling in the faces of students supporting the GOP.

Left-wing students annoyed by pro-gun, pro-Trump posters

It was when a new campus chapter of Turning Point USA (TPUSA) and College Republicans were busy promoting an upcoming lecture by economist and former Reagan administration official Arthur Laffer that the situation turned for the worse. The students were giving hot chocolate and decorating a table they had set up with posters and merchandise based on conservative themes.

Some of those theme-based decorations annoyed the left-wing students and they protested. One of the posters, for instance, supported gun rights and it happened the same day three were killed in a high-school shooting at Santa Clarita, California. Apart from that, displays in support of President Donald Trump enraged the left-wingers even more.

The conservative students were rattled by the mob’s protest, so much so, that they have stopped moving alone inside the campus after that incident. They even avoid the main areas of the campus, the Daily Caller reported.

“I do not feel safe on this campus at all. I do not. My parents are concerned. My parents want my location at all times right now, my brothers are beyond worried. They don’t know what’s going to happen I don’t know what’s going to happen,” Lacey Kestecher, president of the TPUSA's college chapter, was quoted as saying.

No action against protesters

To make things worse, university authorities said they will not take any action against the protesters and there will be no probe into the matter. Brian Rose, vice president of Student Affairs, said the bullies would not face charges since it was the students who got bullied that “intended to be provocative”, New York Post reported.

The conservative students were in no mood to give up, either. John Restucci, president of the Republican Club, said the confrontation will only make them more energized to fight. “These people are trying to invoke terror and fear — they’re bullies at the end of the day trying to kick us off campus because they don’t like the ideas we have to say. It has had the opposite effect,” he was quoted as saying.


Meanwhile, Laffer was prevented from speaking on the campus on Monday after a disruptor began filibustering with a megaphone. Amidst a melee between police and and the protesters, authorities escorted the economist out. 

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