Donald Trump supporter hit with milkshake amid shouts of 'Nazi scum' during angry protests in London

People protesting Trump's presence in London were not very happy to see a MAGA hat-wearing presence in their midst, and expressed their displeasure

                            Donald Trump supporter hit with milkshake amid shouts of 'Nazi scum' during angry protests in London

Violence broke out at an anti-Trump demonstration outside the Houses of Parliament in London on Wednesday as some protesters chanted "Nazi scum" and hurled a milkshake at a man wearing a "Make America Great Again" hat.

Reports state that police officers, who were initially surrounding the man in the crowd, were nowhere to be seen when the incident occurred.

The incident reportedly occurred moments after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn addressed the protesters with a message, accusing President Donald Trump of spreading hate. Thousands attended the demonstration, holding banners and placards slamming Trump's state visit to the UK. 

A clip of the violent incident was captured as the pro-Trump campaigner stood amidst the anti-Trump protesters. The clip showed a snarling woman shouting at the supporter's face as the man told the group "I'm here to stay."

At this point, someone from the crowd threw a milkshake at the man as the crowd cheered on, according toThe Sun.



The man then picked up, what appeared to be a McDonald's milkshake cup, and threw it at a photographer standing nearby taking pictures of the incident. The man also attempted to take on members of the group as a police officer attempted to control the situation. It is not yet known what prompted the anger of the crowd and the outburst directed at the man. 

British politician Nigel Farage was also "milkshaked" last month as he campaigned in Newcastle in North East England. Throwing milkshakes at political leaders is gradually emerging as a lastest way for people to exhibit their dislike for their policies.

There have been a series of milkshake attacks recorded in recent weeks, including on the far-right leader Tommy Robinson, who had two drinks hurled at him in two days while he was campaigning to be an MEP in Bury and Warrington.

President Trump is currently on a three-day state visit to the UK, accompanied by his wife Melania Trump and his four adult children and his son-in-law Jared Kushner.