Trump staffers stumped: Email asks them to scrub microwaves and leave next week, 2nd mail cancels order

The staff members will reportedly start preparing to leave the president’s official residence on the week of January 4

                            Trump staffers stumped: Email asks them to scrub microwaves and leave next week, 2nd mail cancels order
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Donald Trump’s White House is in complete chaos right now. Staff members received an email that asked them to “scrub microwaves” and leave the official residence next week. An email from the president’s executive office which was shared on Twitter by Weijia Jiang, CBS News White House correspondent, detailed the process of leaving the White House, which included starting packing and returning office supplies from Monday, December 28.

However, a few minutes later, employees received another email that left them confused as it stated that they should ignore the first one. The shifting from the White House will start just weeks before President-elect Joe Biden assumes office on January 20, 2021, The Sun reported. Sharing the first email, Jiang wrote on Twitter, “NEW: Despite Trump’s fight to stay, last night White House staff received a detailed email from his exec. office with directions on the departing process. Employees will start leaving the week of 01/04. Note addresses everything from cleaning microwaves to ethics debriefing.” She also shared an image of the brief regarding the move.



Later, White House correspondent for NYTimes, Maggie Haberman, tweeted: “Reposting to clarify — 20 mins ago folks were sent a note to DISREGARD an email saying EO staff will start to leave their jobs on Jan 4 and last paycheck goes through Jan 19, per a source who saw email. It's going to create confusion for people still there.” The tweets soon went viral with many people expressing their views. One such user tweeted, “Sounds as if HR were just trying to do their jobs, and someone close to El Trumpo didn't want dear leader to get upset by a tiny dose of reality therapy. I don't envy you your job! - But thanks for doing it!”




“Insane. I hope the regular WH staff are not stupid enough to disregard the dismissal notices.  When people start to complain about their missing paychecks I hope Biden referred them to Trump's cave,” the second user wrote, while the third one said: “This is factually incorrect. The approx 4000 people who comprise the Executive Office of the President are mostly non partisan civil servants who often stay on board regardless of who sits in the Oval Office.” “Reality versus illusion once more. Reality got leaked out, the illusion was the coverup retraction to imply that there’s no change in the administration. Welcome to Trump tantrum number 654,009,” another person added.



Meanwhile, Trump has still not said that he will leave the office and accept defeat to Biden in the November presidential election 2020. On Tuesday, December 22, the Republican leader posted a video on Facebook claiming "the theft of the presidential election". "The truth is: We won the election by a landslide, we won it big," Trump said, before adding he can prove "overwhelming election fraud." "It did not happen. He did not win. We won by the landslide," the president insisted.

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