Trump calls Biden 'most boring human' at Nevada rally, says rival belongs to 'failed, corrupt political class'

At a rally in Carson City, the president also called Biden's controversial son Hunter a 'human vacuum cleaner' who sucked up huge foreign money

                            Trump calls Biden 'most boring human' at Nevada rally, says rival belongs to 'failed, corrupt political class'
President Donald Trump and Joe Biden (Getty Images)

President Donald Trump continued with his mockery of Democratic challenger Joe Biden on Sunday, October 18, when he called the latter “boring” and a criminal mastermind worse than former secretary of state Hillary Clinton. The 74-year-old incumbent launched his latest attack on the former vice-president at a rally in Carson City, Nevada. The GOP leader, who is facing a tough re-election challenge, has made it routine to attack and ridicule Biden over his probable administration and cognitive ability whenever he gets an opportunity. The attacks have been sharper in the middle of the laptop scandal involving Biden’s son Hunter who the president has also targeted over his dubious Ukraine connections.

“This is the most boring human being I've ever seen,” Trump said of the former veep who will turn 78 next year. He also accused the Democrat of running a “criminal enterprise” alongside his son, who is now a major topic of discussion in the country’s political and media circles. “The Bidens make 'crooked' Hillary Clinton look like an absolute amateur,” Trump added, making clear his deep animosity towards some of the top Democratic leaders. He has been attacking the likes of Biden, Clinton and even former president Barack Obama of spying on his 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump calls Hunter 'human vacuum cleaner'

Trump also called Hunter a “vacuum cleaner” on the occasion, alleging the latter was sucking up a big quantity of foreign money. “I call him the human vacuum cleaner,” the president said about the 50-year-old businessman, encouraging the crowd to applause. It also started shouting “lock him up!” referring to the Democratic presidential candidate and his controversial son.

Hunter Biden (Getty Images)


“They're corrupt people. But Joe Biden is from a failed and corrupt political class,” Trump said. He claimed the media and "big tech" were in an unholy alliance with the former vice-president. The president has escalated his attack against the Bidens in the wake of a report published by New York Post that Biden’s opponents consider a proof that the former veep featured in one of his son’s overseas business deals while serving as Obama’s No. 2. Calling the laptop through which emails revealing the high-profile meeting were exposed as “laptop from hell”, Trump said: “So a giant trove of emails show Hunter Biden making deals, setting up deals with his father Joe.” Trump's escalation against Biden over his alleged Ukraine links created a major uproar last year, which even led to the former's impeachment in the House over his alleged misuse of the president's office. He was later acquitted by the GOP-controlled Senate.

The alleged emails included one that hinted at a meeting between the elder Biden and Vadym Pozharsky, an adviser for Ukrainian gas company Burisma, where Hunter once worked as a board member. The Biden campaign has denied any such meeting ever took place. With just two weeks left for the high-stakes presidential battle, Trump is in the middle of intense campaigning. Nevada opted to vote for Hillary in the 2016 election as the Democrat defeated Trump by 48-46 percent. On Saturday, October 17, he did consecutive rallies in Michigan and Wisconsin. Trump won both those states narrowly four years earlier but could face a tough re-election this time.

On Monday, October 19, Trump will address two rallies in Arizona which has not picked Democratic candidate after 1996 but could see a change of direction this time.

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