Trump always spoke about his mother in 'sexist terms', as a woman without any role in society, says biographer

Trump always spoke about his mother in 'sexist terms', as a woman without any role in society, says biographer
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President Donald Trump remembered his mother, Mary Anne MacLeod, ahead of Mother's Day weekend, stressing on the fact that he was flawless in his mother's eyes.

During an interview with 'Fox & Friends' Trump said that his mother thought that he could do nothing wrong.

"I had a great mom. I loved my mom and she loved me, which... is probably not easy to do," Trump said, 9News reported. "She was so good to me. I couldn't do any wrong, which is a big problem. Maybe that's why I ended up the way I ended up. I don't know. I couldn't do any wrong in her eyes."  


"My mother was a terrific woman and Melania has been a great mother to Barron," Trump said. "Barron is growing up, really beautifully and she's been a great mother to Barron."

When he was asked next if his mother would have been shocked to find out that he was leading the country, he said that she would have.

"I think any mother would be. My mother was somebody that gave me a lot of confidence and she believed in me... My father was the same. I mean he was a strong guy but he was a good man, very good human being, very good person. And he always had confidence in me. He said having good parents is such an advantage in life. I miss my parents," Trump said.


During the course of reporting his 2005 biography 'TrumpNation,' journalist Tim O’Brien said that while the POTUS admitted publicly that his life had been "profoundly shaped by (his father) Fred,” he only spoke of his mother after extensive prodding. When he did speak about her in the open, he just called her “beautiful.”

“He talked about her in classic homemaker, sexist terms. He never spoke of her as having an external life in society outside of the house,” O’Brien said, Vanity Fair reported. 


U.S. President Donald Trump speaks as first lady Melania Trump looks during a Congressional Ball in the Grand Foyer of the White House on December 12, 2019 in Washington, DC. (Getty Images)

His mother was a Scottish immigrant who began her life in the United States as a domestic worker. But his mother's journey through poverty and struggle to make end's meet was often glossed over by Trump when he spoke about her in the past.


“She met a great guy. She would have been back. She was not planning on being there permanently,” Trump said when he visited the Isle of Lewis in 2008. “She would have been back. She would have come back but she met a really great guy, my father.”

Although Mary was married to Fred for 63 years, it was not a smooth marriage. Journalist Nina Burleigh, the author of 'Golden Handcuffs: The Secret History of Trump’s Women,' wrote that Fred carried on a long-term affair with his secretary. Fred “was such a man of habit that he took her to lunch at the same Italian place near his office in Brooklyn for years," she wrote. 


But in the president's eyes, his father and mother had a successful marriage. “I always told my father I made more money than him but he had a very successful marriage, he really did," he said. 

His account of his parents' relationship was corroborated by Joan Rivers, the winner of 2009’s Celebrity Apprentice, at Fred’s funeral. “He and Mary were always together,” she said. “I never saw them apart.”


However, contrary to the flawless image of him that Trump boasts that his mother had, Mary reportedly regretted the man that Trump had become.

“What kind of son have I created?” she apparently told Trump's first wife, Ivana during their divorce in 1992. 

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