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Trump roasts Biden over 'running for Senate' gaffe and forgetting Mitt Romney's name, says 'bad days coming'

While Biden said at Ohio rally that he was running for the Senate, he also forgot Mitt Romney's name and referred to him as 'Mormon senator'
(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

President Donald Trump on Monday, October 12, returned to his old ploy of mocking his Democratic presidential rival Joe Biden after the former vice president said he was “running for Senate” in a momentary lapse. The incumbent used the occasion to attack Biden saying he is unfit to serve as the president.

Biden, who will turn 78 next month, was campaigning in Toledo, Ohio, where he addressed United Auto Workers which represents a local GM powertrain unit. The former veep, who was speaking in a parking lot, said: “You know, we have to come together. That’s why I’m running. I’m running as a proud Democrat for the Senate, when I ran as a proud Democrat for vice president, and I'm running as a proud Democrat for president.” 


“But I promise you this, I will govern as an American president,” he added. Biden has served as a senator from Delaware for more than three decades -- from 1973 to 2009. 

Biden also forgot Mitt Romney's name

It was not the only gaffe that Biden made. He also appeared to forget the name of Utah Senator Mitt Romney’s name. “I got in trouble when we were running against that senator who was a Mormon, the governor,” Biden said, referring to Romney who also ran against Barack Obama in the 2012 election and lost. 

The GOP commander-in-chief, who is trailing Biden in several key states, was quick to capitalize on his opponent’s gaffe. He tweeted saying: “Biden losing big in Florida. Only Fake Polls show otherwise! Bad for Healthcare. Thinks he's running for the Senate. Forgot Mitt Romney's name, and where he was!”

Mitt Romney (Getty Images)

'”I'm running as a proud Democrat, for the Senate'. Sleepy Joe Biden today. It's only going to get worse. It is not sustainable for our County - China will own us!!!!”



Trump mocks Biden in Florida rally

Trump ridiculed Biden again during his rally in Sanford, Florida, later in the day. “Sleepy Joe Biden, not a nice guy, by the way. He had a very bad day today,” he said, adding: “If I ever had a day like he had today, they'd say: 'It's over. It's over.”

“He forgot Mitt Romney's name. He didn't know what state he was in. And he said today he's a proud Democrat running for the US Senate,” the 74-year-old president added. He also asked his supporters what would have happened had he did the same. 

Trump is battling to remain in the race with Biden who has reportedly surged ahead in Florida which has 29 electoral votes and key for Trump to win his re-election bid. The incumbent has found his battle even tougher following his own diagnosis with Covid-19 earlier this month. But he was found bragging about his chances and said Biden had a “lot of bad days coming”. 

“The one thing I know for sure, President Xi of China, President Putin of Russia, Kim Jong Un - they are 100 percent sharp. We have someone running who is not 100 percent, he's not 80 per cent, he's not 60 percent,” Trump added.

The Biden campaign has increasingly focused on Ohio, a toss-up state, of late, making ad pushes in the state’s rural parts hoping to nullify Trump’s big win in the state four years ago after Obama won it twice -- in 2008 and 2012.