Trump and Melania smile as they pose with kids dressed as them at White House Halloween celebration

Trump and Melania smile as they pose with kids dressed as them at White House Halloween celebration
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A pair of "mini-Donald Trump and Melania Trump" was seen posing with the POTUS and the first lady during a Halloween event at the White House on Sunday, October 25. In the pictures of the event, the boy, who posed as "mini-Trump", was seen sporting a wig and a suit along with the American flag pinned on to his lapel and a red tie. He was also seen wearing a face mask given the ongoing pandemic situation, while President Donald Trump stood and posed behind the boy, without a mask.

While posing for the picture, President Trump reportedly said, "He likes the press." Alongside the "mini-Trump", stood a girl posing as "mini-Melania" in an ivory dress with pearls around her neck. The "mini-Melania" was carrying an orange candy bag that looked like a purse. According to the Daily Mail, the Trumps had skipped handing out candy to the children for this year's annual celebration. The first couple did walk out to greet and wave to the children as Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' played in the background. A parade of children dressed as angels, astronauts, pirates and cartoon characters were seen at the event. Spooky tunes, including the 'Game of Thrones' theme song, were played as well.

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump greet children at the south lawn of the White House on Sunday, October 25, 2020, in Washington DC. To ensure the health and safety of guests and staff during the Halloween festivities, extra measures such as facemasks, social distancing and hand-sanitizer were put in place (Getty Images) 


The White House had been totally lit up for the occasion and a giant Halloween 2020 sign was seen hanging from the South Portico balcony. There were leaves of different colors around the columns and an array of chrysanthemums were seen down the East and West staircase. Social distancing measures that were supposed to be implemented had fallen short initially. After the Trumps came out, many excited guests crowded around the first couple to click pictures as White House staff urged the lines to move along. Staff was heard saying, "Move along, keep the line moving."

Many social media users reacted to the pictures of the Trumps posing with the children, with some slamming them for posing without masks. One such user shared, "They should have set an example for the children and the children's parents by wearing a Halloween-themed mask. But no. They are pandemic deniers and just hope it will all just magically go away." Another commented, "I see they are still too good for masks. Two people who wouldn’t know common courtesy if it smacked them in the face." Yet another added, "Why would anyone stand in that line; especially with children. Still no masks; they haven’t learned a thing. They haven’t a clue!"







Some users had commented on how the scariest thing is the Trumps themselves. One tweeted, "Look he dressed as a psychopathic narcissist. I bet that's a homemade costume, it looks so real it's scary." Another quipped, "Ah the nightmare family & their supporters. They don't need candy or costumes. We already know they're scary." "Looks like the Great (Orange) Pumpkin invaded the White House back in 2016 and refused to leave. On Inauguration Day, we’ll need a priest, pastor, shaman, and rabi to remove all the evil spirits for sure!" said another user.







The crowd present at the event seemed delighted to be there and many adults shouted "we love you" and "four more years" as they walked past the Trumps.

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