Trump gets teary-eyed at Michigan rally as crowd chants 'we love you', says it will be 'very boring' if Biden wins

Trump gets teary-eyed at Michigan rally as crowd chants 'we love you', says it will be 'very boring' if Biden wins
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President Donald Trump felt overwhelmed with love as he held a rally in Traverse City, Michigan. The president addressed the cheering crowd who chanted “we love you”, and in response, he said, “don't make me cry". Trump took to the podium after vice president Mike Pence’s speech. "Let’s just look at the sky for a little while, I wish we had time. We’re doing five of these today. All with big crowds all with love ...Somebody said I actually do six today because we finished up in Miami at 6 am,” the POTUS said.

But when the crowd said, "We love you!", Trump replied: “That’s great – don’t make me cry. If I started to cry, they would have a big story. Maybe it brings me up four or five points!" In addition, the Republican leader talked about Joe Biden’s son Hunter’s "Ukraine, crack, and sex" computer scandal, as he referred it to be the "laptop from hell" for the Democrats. He also said that if the former vice president won, it would be "very boring" for the media. "The ratings are bad (for sports) because so many people are watching this," he added.

Continuing further, Trump said, “The fact is people see that we're fighting for you but ... I'm fighting to survive," he said, before indicating that someone else would not have weathered the criticism he has. Very few people would have survived...they would have said 'mommy, mommy I want out of here right now.'" He also refuted Democrats' claims that there was "chaos" in the official residence of the president and insisted on his allegations that they had spied on his campaign when he was running for the presidency first time. “Antifa shootings, Marxists and left-wing extremists they all support Biden. Or do you want to be governed by the American people themselves?” Trump added.

At the rally, Trump also called out the liberals, dubbing them as “hypocrites” and once again made fun of Congressman Adam Schiff as he called them a "watermelon head." Moving ahead, he said: "I am your voice and I will make America great again. This election is also the choice between a deadly Biden lockdown and a vaccine ... that will end the pandemic. Excuse me, here I am! I like to say it [Covid-19] had no impact on me... I am a perfect physical specimen that's very young and in perfect physical shape.”

Trump also spoke about his youngest son, Barron Trump’s battle with the Covid-19. He stated that the 14-year-old took only “17 seconds" to recover while demanding Governor Gretchen Whitmer to reopen the state. "Let the kids go back to school!" he said. During his address, Trump also played a video that included Biden’s several gaffes he had while campaigning. "This election is more important than in 2016. It's the most important election in the history of our country,” Trump added.

The president’s speech also included the USA's nuclear arsenal, for which Trump said it "is now in tippy-top shape." Before him, Pence addressed the crowd and claimed Biden would "be nothing more than a Trojan Horse for the radical left." "Joe Biden said democracy is on the ballot tomorrow. I think law and order are on the ballot. The choice in this election is whether America remains America,” the vice president added.


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