Trump to face competition from Biden, Sanders and Warren in battleground states, says new poll on 2020 elections

The seven states that featured in the poll are Michigan, Arizona, Florida, Iowa, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Trump was locked in a tight race with his three potential Democratic challengers in states like Arizona, Iowa and Michigan.

                            Trump to face competition from Biden, Sanders and Warren in battleground states, says new poll on 2020 elections
Donald Trump (Source : Getty Images)

The 2020 presidential election is a year away and a new poll released on Monday, November 4, has said that President Donald Trump would face competition from each of the top three potential Democratic challengers in as many as seven battleground states that he had bagged in 2016. The three Democratic challengers are Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

The polls, undertaken by The New York Times Upshot and Siena College, featured the states of Michigan, Arizona, Iowa, Florida, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. While Biden was found to be leading Trump by 50 percent to 45 percent in Arizona, the president was leading both Sanders and Warren in Iowa. In Michigan, Trump was leading Warren by 46 percent to 39 percent. 

Biden, Warren and Sanders leading Democratic race

The latest numbers emerge a day after three national polls suggested that Biden, Warren and Sanders are leading the Democratic race. These three candidates are found to be holding a good lead over Trump among the registered voters across the US but as the script in 2016 showed, popular votes do not eventually matter for winning the presidency. Trump got less popular votes that year than his opponent Hillary Clinton, but yet became the president because he made it in the key states. 

Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden (Getty Images)

In three states, Warren was doing worse than Biden against Trump. In Florida, Michigan and Iowa, the Massachusetts senator got 41 percent, 39 percent and 40 percent support, respectively. Biden, on the other hand, had the support of 46, 44 and 44 percent, respectively, in those states. 

The polls were conducted in Florida, Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin between October 13 and 26 while in Iowa, the same was done between October 25 and 30. While the results among registered voters in Arizona, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin have an error margin of plus/minus 4.4 percentage points, it is plus/minus 5.1 in Michigan and plus/minus 3.1 in Iowa. 

As per the New York Times-Siena College poll, the Democratic race is very tight ahead of the Iowa caucuses in February -- the first major test of the 2020 Democratic primary. While Warren is leading with 22 percent support, Sanders has 19 percent, Peter Buttigieg 18 percent and Biden 17 percent. 

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