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Was Trump's Covid-19 recovery video pre-recorded? Internet slams clip for bad edit, says ‘he’s conning us’

While some alleged that the video was shot in the White House, others speculated that it was pre-recorded at the Walter Reed medical facility itself where Trump is admitted
Donald Trump (Getty Images)
Donald Trump (Getty Images)

Has President Donald Trump pre-recorded his Covid-19 recovery video message? This is what the Internet is asking after the POTUS posted the video after having tested positive for the virus and undergoing treatment at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. In the video, Trump thanked the “incredible” medical professionals at the medical facility and his supporters. He also mentioned that he was feeling much better and gave an update about First Lady Melania’s condition as well.

The video was posted on Trump’s Twitter handle on Saturday, October 3, where he said: “I want to begin by thanking all of the incredible medical professionals, the doctors, the nurses, everybody at Walter Reed Medical Center - I think it’s the finest in the world - for the incredible job they’ve been doing.” He added, “I came here, I wasn’t feeling so well, I feel much better now. We’re working hard to get me back. I have to get all the way back because we still have to make America great again.” Trump mentioned that he will be back soon and will finish up the campaign “the way it was started”.


As the video proceeded, he spoke on his recovery. “If you look at the therapeutics which I’m taking right now some of them and others that are coming out soon that are looking like, frankly they’re miracles, if you want to know the truth. People criticize me when I say that but we have things happening that look like they’re miracles coming down from God so I just want to tell you that I’m starting to feel good.”

He added in the video, “Melania is really handling it very nicely as you've probably read, she is slightly younger than me just a little tiny bit.” In his ending remarks he said, “Again, over the next few days we're gonna probably know for sure so I just want to thank everybody out there, everybody all over the world, specifically the United States - the outpouring of love has been incredible. I will never forget. Thank you very much.”

US President Donald Trump addresses a rally on March 2, 2020, in Charlotte, North Carolina (Getty Images)

As the video was posted, it caused a furor on the Internet. While some wished Trump for his speedy recovery, others doubted if the video was pre-recorded. Some alleged that the video was shot in the White House. Some speculated that it was pre-recorded at the Walter Reed medical facility itself where Trump is admitted. However, it has not been confirmed yet if the video was pre-recorded as claimed by the Internet users.

Opinion writer Holly O’ Reilly wrote mentioning a part of the video that she found tricky, “Wait, what happened here after the word ‘therapeutics’?” A user alleged, “I think this was recorded before sh**t went downhill. I really think he’s reading off a script. This is SO F***ING WEIRD.” Some felt the video was recorded in advance as Trump was dressed up in the same clothes. “I don’t think it was before he left the WH. I think it’s plausible that he made this(or more)upon arrival at WR yesterday. Same coat jacket with lapel pin. I don't know. W/only lies as a track record, we just can't trust at all. Plus all that treatment for feeling 'pretty good'?"




Some posted pictures of Trump’s outfit while he was leaving for Walter Reed. The outfit looked similar to the one he was wearing in the video. “Here’s his outfit... looks similar,” wrote one. Another concurred: “Is it just me or is this the same clothes he had on when he went to the hospital? When was video actually recorded?”



Author Don Winslow tweeted on a particular part of the video. “Why was the video of Trump released today edited? No conspiracy theory BS here. It's a fact. Watch at 1:04 for example.Was it edited to remove coughs, heavy breathing?,” he asked. Another said: “This is a bad edit- whoever tried to delete whatever medical issue he had when making this video should be fired.” Some feel the video was shot at Walter Reed itself. “It was not shot in the white house. Walter reed has a presidential suite and office. And regarding clothing, he is the president of the country so don't compare him to everyday patients. Obviously, Presidents have privileges,” a tweet read. Another user alleged that the POTUS is conning everyone. “Yup. He’s conning us. Changed the news cycle.”





These allegations were made by the Internet and individual organizations, MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) cannot confirm them independently and nor does it support these claims being made on the Internet.