Trump claims Barron's Covid-19 infection was gone in '15 minutes', Internets says 'not all have healthcare access'

Trump claims Barron's Covid-19 infection was gone in '15 minutes', Internets says 'not all have healthcare access'
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President Donald Trump claimed that his son Barron's coronavirus infection was gone "after 15 minutes". Trump made the claim while addressing his supporters at a rally in Martinsburg Pennsylvania on Monday, October 26, afternoon. While speaking of the virus, Trump said, "Of course Barron had it" referring to when he himself, First Lady Melania Trump, and their son, Barron, were diagnosed with the pathogen earlier in October.

Trump then spoke about Barron's "young, strong, immune system" as he recalled his conversation with a doctor regarding Barron testing positive for Covid-19. He said from the podium, "I said, 'What's the story, doc, with Barron?'" The doctor then responded saying, "Sir, he tested positive." "Like 15 minutes later," Trump then asked the doctor, "How's Barron doing?" to which the doctor said, "Sir, it's gone." The crowd at the rally laughed hearing on this. It seemed that Trump had spoken about Barron's supposed "15-minute recovery" as a push to reopen schools for in-person learning which many states across the US have been hesitant to do given health concerns.

While speaking at his various rallies, Trump has been using Barron's quick recovery from coronavirus as an example of why it is okay to reopen schools. During one of his rallies in Wisconsin on Saturday, October 24, Trump said, "Young, strong immune systems, right?"

US President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally at iG Flight Services at Altoona–Blair County Airport on October 26, 2020, in Martinsburg, Pennsylvania (Getty Images)

During the speech, the POTUS referred to Barron again and reiterated the same, "Go back to school. Let's go back to school. No, it's true. We tested positive and then 15 minutes later I said, 'How's he doing, doc? He's fine'." According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, around 792,000 children in the US had been infected with Covid-19. As of Thursday, October 22, the group that children represented 11% of all coronavirus cases in the US. The group did not attach a number of it, they did note that it was "uncommon" for children to suffer coronavirus -related hospitalization or death. They had further stated that they currently, "it appears that severe illness due to COVID-19 is rare among children".

Many social media users slammed Trump for his comments. One such user shared, "Hey king! This isn’t something to be proud of. Do you want Barron, your SON, to not have a planet to live on? You know you cant go golfing if everything burns to sh*t...." Another commented, "Oh man. Jr woke up and blew some rails to help out daddy. Thank God. The only one with a fighting chance is Barron. He can change his name and live a somewhat normal life. Keep dangling the 2 week carrot in font of your mules. Morons."

"@realDonaldTrump: “All you hear is covid, covid, covid covid...”. We broke a record today because of your incompetence. 68,000+ infected. The nation doesn’t care about you, Barron, or Melania, since you have access to care, most Americans will never see or have," read another tweet.




According to John Hopkins University, around 8,702,414 confirmed cases and around 225,697 deaths were reported across the country when this article was published.

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