'True Detective' season 3 episode 6: Pink castles that lead to old cops

The story leaves you feeling vulnerable in this episode since the characters that we only knew as the suspects have suddenly grown wings and have their own stories to tell.

                            'True Detective' season 3 episode 6: Pink castles that lead to old cops

If you think you've got this season of 'True Detective' figured out - just hold on a minute because I'm absolutely certain you haven't. 

Episode 6, 'Hunters in the Dark' saw the case take a dark and disturbing turn. It's not that we hadn't expected that to happen but somehow, peering from behind the eyes of Wayne Hays and Roland West made it feel a whole lot safer. However, the story leaves you feeling vulnerable and exposed in this episode since the characters that we only knew as the detectives' suspects have suddenly grown wings and have stories of their own to tell the world. From Tom Purcell to Lucy to Amelia, the characters take charge of their narratives in this episode and they are some painfully realistic stories.



The case goes further this episode but not in the way you'd expect. In the last episode, the two detectives met in Roland's retirement home in the woods in the 2015 timeline to try and find out what really happened all those years ago with the two kids. Wayne is pretty much senile and West just seems emotional as hell to see his old partner back. However, we must remember that he seems worried that Wayne may reveal something they had done in the 1990 timeline to the TV producer Elise but Wayne seems convinced that it wasn't going to happen. The duo gets down to business in this one. 

First, we see Amelia and Wayne back in better terms than the times we've seen them. Amelia, as usual, is a step ahead of Wayne. After she finds out about Julie's possible whereabouts she gets right to it. She visits the Hoyt Foundation home and talks to someone who tells her that Julie goes by the name of Mary July sometimes and that she had drug abuse problems. The girl also hints to Amelia that the home is a coverup for something more sinister. Now, this points to the direction that Hoyt foods were doing bad things to helpless girls but this is 'True Detective' - it will never be that simple. 



Tom Purcell, in the meantime, starts asking questions about Julie. After Wayne flashes her picture in front of his face in the last episode, he has nothing to do but look. The call the alleged Julie made also had a lot to do with driving him off the edge. On a visit to the department, he overhears that Wayne and Roland had met cousin Dan in the day and that there's a possibility he may know something. Tom knows just where to find him - at the same place, his wife and Dan scored drugs from. He grabs a gun and finds Dan and beats him into telling him what he wants to know - even though he doesn't know what it is he's looking for.  Dan tells him that the people behind this thing don't renegotiate terms but Tom doesn't care. He goes to Hoyt Foods. 

Now Hoyt's connection is very well established in this episode. First, Dan implies that Hoyt was giving Lucy money. So she potentially could have sold the kids to them. Harris James, the guy who potentially helped cover up the crime and planted the evidence in Brett Woodard's house turns out to be the new security head at Hoyt Foods. When the detectives question him, he sniffs out a possible threat. 



Tom sneaks his way into the facility and opens a door after another, his gun in his hand ready to shoot. Trembling, he finds that all the doors are open with warnings on them not knowing that the cameras were catching him all along. The ones looking from behind do nothing - they want him to get to the prize. They wait till he walks right into the pink room that shows him something he wished he had never seen. Harris creeps in from behind and the screen fades to credits.  

This episode makes it clear that Woodard was the one framed for the crimes and that Wayne knew all along that the evidence was false. Secondly, the story plants the seeds of doubt about Roland. He's too agreeable in 2015, too understanding. While Wayne doesn't seem to wonder about this, the question really asks itself - how is it that Roland is living in this huge house out in the woods? He started off as a secondary to Wayne and yet the promotions helped him surpass him. Was it just racism or did Roland actually help bury something? When Wayne asks him to check for the two cars out the windows that appear to be watching him, he does - however, there's no confirmation that the cars aren't there. It would be too simple to have Roland lying and backstabbing Wayne as well - so what is 'True Detective' heading to? Don't think, just enjoy the ride. 

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