'True Beauty' Episode 9: Soo-jin finds out Ju-kyung's truth and a disastrous date with Su-ho follows

'True Beauty' Episode 9 sees Su-ho and Ju-kyung find out how they are together as a couple and initially, it is all rainbows and roses, but will trouble follow soon?

                            'True Beauty' Episode 9: Soo-jin finds out Ju-kyung's truth and a disastrous date with Su-ho follows
Cha Eun-woo and Moon Ga-young in 'True Beauty' (tvN)

At the beginning of 'True Beauty' Episode 9, we see how Su-ho (Cha Eun-woo) manages to convince Ju-kyung (Moon Ga-young ) at the camp that he really does like her and is not throwing her a pity party. She also confesses to him about having liked him for a while and having fallen in love with him. She is on cloud nine when she runs into Soo-jin (Park Yoo-na) and momentarily forgets that she is not wearing any makeup. Soo-jin is definitely shocked, but she isn't mean as the kids in her old school were and instead understands why Ju-kyung wants to hide her face with make-up. 

She also helps her hide the truth from others. After hiding her real face from her classmates Ju-kyung now wants to hide the fact that she is dating Su-ho as well. She believes that she is not good enough for Su-ho and all the attributes that we saw Ju-kyung portray in the comics while dating Seo-jun can be seen. The insecurities rise to the top and that makes us wonder how the show will portray the same. 

A still of Seo-jun and Ju-kyung in 'True Beauty' episode 9. (tvN)

Not only does Ju-kyung's lies about make-up get found out by Soo-jin, but the truth about her dating Su-ho as well gets found out. In the meantime, Su-ho is beginning to feel frustrated with having to hide his relationship from everyone as well. It is at this time that the clueless Ju-kyung figures out that she wants to be a make-up artist and to be able to apply for the academy, she begins to apply for part-time jobs. While on the hunt for one, she ends up bumping into Han Seo-jun (Hwang In-yeop) and ends up landing a modeling job with him. The two of them pose like a couple and we can already see how this could potentially become a problem between Ju-kyung and Su-ho. 

Unexpectedly, Su-ho also ends up keeping a secret from Ju-kyung when he sees her father wandering about on the streets. Upon learning that he is out of money and is not ready to return home without having kept the promise of finding the man who conned him out of money, he takes Ju-kyung's father to his home and decides to keep his secret for a day. The more we learn about Su-ho, the more giving he is. The closer he gets to Ju-kyung, he begins to reveal more about himself and that it includes his love and interest in music as well. He also reveals that the song that Jung Se-yeon (Kang Chan-hee) had sung was actually composed by Su-ho. 

However, their relationship cannot be a bed of roses all the way through and the hints of that are already seen in the form of Soo-jin's jealousy, Seo-jun's increased interest in Ju-kyung among other things. 

'True Beauty' episodes will air on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10.30 pm on tvN in Seoul and can be streamed on Viki in the US.

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