'True Beauty' Episode 3 Spoilers: It is time for Su-ho to learn the truth, can Ju-kyung face him sans makeup?

'True Beauty' Episode 3 sees Su-ho find eery similarities between his classmate Ju-kyung and his friend at the comic store. Can he connect the dots?

                            'True Beauty' Episode 3 Spoilers: It is time for Su-ho to learn the truth, can Ju-kyung face him sans makeup?
Ju-kyung and Su-ho in 'True Beauty' episode 3. (tvN)

Spoilers ahead for viewers not familiar with the webcomic...

'True Beauty' episode 3 will see how Ju-kyung (Moon Ga-young) will come to terms with the new relationship that she has kindled with Su-ho (Cha Eun-woo). Without her makeup, she has met him at the comic book store and he knows her as the girl who tried to die by suicide; and in school, with her make up on, Ju-kyung is not someone who perks his interest. Then suddenly, at the end of episode 2, we saw how he came to her rescue where with even a moment more, the truth about her make up free face would have been revealed. So why did he help the girl in the school? Did he find a clue that led him to the truth? Did she forget to remove the sticky note from the bag or was it something else?

Whatever it was, we are sure that the time for Su-ho to learn the truth about Ju-kyung is very near. The promo of the episode also sees Ju-kyung obsessing over whether he really cannot make out the connection between the new friend he has made at the comic book store and the one in the school. We also see Su-ho begin to realize that there are similarities between his classmate and the girl that he hangs out with at the comic book store and he even tells Ju-kyung when the two of them are at the book store that he knows a girl in his class who is very similar to her.

Of course, this ends up increasing the pressure that Ju-kyung is under, and then to add to all of this is Seo-jun (Hwang In-yeop). Seo-jun had coincidentally bumped into Ju-kyung outside of school as well and this was when she had saved him from a group of young thugs. After that, she meets him in school and he also recognizes her, but since Ju-kyung had had her make up on, she is not too worried about him. However, what she is worried about is when Seo-jun asks her about dating Su-ho. Is she dating Su-ho? Not as of now, and maybe not ever. However, the attention that Su-ho pays when it comes to Ju-kyung is something that Seo-jun finds interesting. Having known Su-ho longer than anyone, considering how the two of them were friends once, Seo-jun is able to recognize an interest in him. 

This makes Seo-jun curious, as he is also interested in Ju-kyung. Will we jump directly into a love triangle, unlike the comics? Or will we see Seo-jun and Su-ho reunite with Ju-kyung's help like in the comics? This is something that we will find out soon. 

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