'True Beauty' Episode 6 Spoilers: Will Ju-kyung and Seo-jun's romance in webcomics translate on the show too?

Seo-jun falling for Ju-kyung for real, but will this follow the same plotline as in the webcomics?

                            'True Beauty' Episode 6 Spoilers: Will Ju-kyung and Seo-jun's romance in webcomics translate on the show too?
Hwang In-yeop as Han Seo-jun. (tvN)

Spoilers for 'True Beauty' Episode 6

'True Beauty' comic has surpassed 100 episodes and at the moment, Ju-kyung, Seo-jun, and Su-ho are in college. Ju-kyung and Seo-jun are dating as it has been three years since Su-ho left Ju-kyung and Korea to go to Japan to take care of his father who had been hurt.

Yes, he did confess in the airport and he is at the moment back in the city but Ju-kyung is in a relationship with Seo-jun and believes that she has moved on from Su-ho. However, nothing is certain. So will tvN's 'True Beauty' in episode 6 shows us the beginning of a budding new romance or will the show use Han Seo-jun as a strong second lead?

For now, it is highly likely that Seo-jun would be nothing more than a close friend to Ju-kyung. Their interaction from the beginning of the show has been more reminiscent of that of close friends than two people who could possibly fall in love. In episode 5, Seo-jun also confessed to using Ju-kyung to goad Su-ho and make him mad without considering how Ju-kyung woud feel.

However, in the comics, Seo-jun never stoops to using Ju-kyung. In fact, he stays away from her initially because he knows that the one that Ju-kyung had been interested in was Su-ho. It takes them three years to collectively move on and as we are almost finished with one-third of the show; there is not much time that can be given for the plotline between Seo-jun and Ju-kyung to develop into any further than close friends. 

Unlike the comics, in the show, Seo-jun also acts as if he is interested in Ju-kyung and she tells him clearly that she will not entertain such thoughts from him. So it is clear that Ju-kyung only feels attracted to Su-ho and no one else. However, we believe that Seo-jun would be the one to fall for her. First, she helps his sister Go-woon with feeling confident about performing on the stage after doing her makeup.

Then he sees her help Su-ho who struggles during a panic attack and that is when his begins to melt. Then in episode 6, we see him further dazzled by her so the possibility of a one-sided crush is quite high. In addition to this, the reason Ju-kyung and Seo-jun got a chance to date in the first place in the comics was that Su-ho had to leave town to take care of his ill-father. In the show, however, this trip might not happen at all. 

His father is someone that Su-ho seems to hate more than anybody. Seo-jun also doesn't seem to like him much. So if the trip never happens, the conflict within Ju-kyung and Su-ho's relationship could just be each other's self-esteem, guilt and self-doubt. For now, Ju-kyung truly believes that Su-ho had been nice to her because he pitied her.

So even when he tries to help her when she gets caught among the bullies from her old school without makeup, the first thing that she asks him is if he is helping her out of pity. So not all is really well in this part of the world either. Then, there is the fact that Ju-kyung's former classmates believe her to be Seo-jun's girlfriend and that makes us wonder how they would come to this conclusion. All of this will be revealed in episode 6. 

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