Driver stunned as well-spoken 'grandad' decides to urinate on his parked truck instead of a bush

Driver stunned as well-spoken 'grandad' decides to urinate on his parked truck instead of a bush

A lorry driver was stunned to catch a well-spoken 'grandad' in smart shirt and tie urinating 'on his truck' — who even had the cheek to WAVE at him as he left.

Jack Harper couldn't believe his eyes when the pink-shirted old man walked towards his vehicle while unbuttoning his trousers from the Morrison's petrol station in Corby, Northamptonshire, England last month.

But when 25-year-old saw the brazen stranger relieving himself 'without a care in the world' at the back of his lorry, Jack whipped out his phone and started filming the man.

In the video, Jack, from Kettering, Northants, says: "Hi mate. How you doing, alright? You're just having a wee, are you?"

The unknown man replies in a posh accent: "There are no toilets here."

Jack then says: "So you're just having a wee at the truck?"

The brazen man replies 'yep' and continues to urinate unperturbed, leaving poor Jack to simply as if he can 'make sure none of it goes on [the truck]'.

When he finishes, the old man then zips up his fly and walks off, before turning to wave cheerily at Jack.

Jack said: "I think it's bloody hilarious. It's pretty strange, there's no arguing of that.

"I have no idea who he is. He was going in the petrol station and I was delivering to the big store.

"I imagine he's gotten his fuel, gone in the fuel station, needed the toilet and come out [when he saw there weren't any].

"In the video he's saying there's no toilets around here. Obviously there is, we were outside the bloody Morrison's in the centre. But he said there were no toilets here and he decided to go there. It's so strange. It's so weird.

"I had literally just reversed back so he must have known I was in it. At first I was a little bit weirded out when I saw him walking over undoing his fly and everything.

"I didn't think he was going to have a wee. I thought he was going to get his thing out. I thought he was going to get changed or take his trousers off or something weirder.

"I was looking at the guy in the van seeing if he could see. I was wondering what the hell was going on.

"When he finally decided to have a wee I thought I got off a bit lucky to be honest.

"I was kind of relieved it was just a wee. The first thing in my mind was obviously that he was going to expose himself.

"I don't know why he couldn't have gone in the bush or something. He just wanted to do it up my truck.

"I think he started to wee on the lorry, but after he heard me he took a little step back. You can see a little puddle in the video.

"I saw him walking up and he didn't even [look] to see if anyone was in the lorry. He didn't care if I was in there or not.

"I said have a nice day and he waved me off. I thought he was a very nice man when he waved at me — a nice old boy. It was very different [to what I'm used to], if I'm honest.

"Why on earth he didn't go in the bush I'll never know but he seemed like he didn't have a care in the world.

"The funniest bit for me is that he's probably someone's grandad. That's really strange. I can't imagine my grandad doing that."

Jack sent the video to his friends who thought it was so hilarious they encouraged him to post it online, where it was liked, shared and commented more than 145 times.

But the video prompted other lorry and bus drivers to share their similar experiences with Jack.

Jack said: "I've never had something happen like that before.

"There's a couple of other drivers who have told me they've had people do it in the layby or a traffic jam but that's the most I've ever heard of it to be honest.

"All I get is just laughter. I've had loads of phone calls of my family and my girlfriend's family about it saying 'woah, do you know how many views that thing has got?'. Just loads and loads.

"It's quite a good response. I've been called weird a couple of times but I've had that before. It's all been good so far."

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