Troye Sivan's 'Easy': Singer teams up with Kacey Musgraves and Mark Ronson for single's revamp

‘Easy’ was originally part of Sivan’s acclaimed EP, 'In A Dream'. The track was released in July alongside a video directed by Sivan himself

                            Troye Sivan's 'Easy': Singer teams up with Kacey Musgraves and Mark Ronson for single's revamp
Troye Sivan Kacey Musgraves (Easy/YouTube)

After a month of teasing, Troye Sivan’s new version of ‘Easy’ starring the singer’s two favorite artists of all time, Kacey Musgraves and Mark Ronson is out. ‘Easy’ which is a part of Troye Sivan’s latest Extended Play ‘In A Dream’ portrays Sivan and Musgrave as ‘runaways’ as they constantly rush through the high of life, there’s not a moment of respite until the video’s ending where the duo drives toward a new dawn in life. The brilliant cinematography of the video complements the song’s lyrics and the aesthetic of the video just draws the viewers in.

Watch the video here:


While talking about the collaboration previously, ‘Youth’ singer said, "Kacey and I are sort of like runaways," adding  "We've separately had our own experiences...regrets, scorning our lovers...and we find solace in each other." Sivan, 25, has also revealed the reason behind sporting a long mullet for the retro-themed video noting that it "just kind of makes sense aesthetically in my mind.” In an interview, Sivan also shared that initially he also thought of bleaching the hair. He said, "When I told my sister, she was like, ‘Oh, Tiger King!’, so then I was like no bleach!" The ‘Bloom’ singer added, "I mean, it's fine and cool, but not the vibe. We wanted to avoid going into Joe Exotic territory." 


Troye’s French hairstylist Le Mindu shared, "Everything suits Troye, but the mullet takes his look to the next level," adding, "It's non-binary—it fits everyone!" Troye chimes in agreement, as the ‘Wild’ singer notes, "When I get dressed each morning, I feel like [now] everything just looks so much cooler to me.” He continues, "If you dress down into vintage tee and blue jeans, it looks cool, and if you dress up and you're wearing something kind of like fancy, that is also sick. I think it just kind of works across the board.”

Troye's fans have taken to the Internet to appreciate the stunning music video. A fan said, “Hiii hii omg im so in love with this!! it felt like im watching a coming of age movie. please see my drawing of you!!” Another shared, “I'M SO IN LOVE WITH THIS OMG.” A user noted, “It’s the way Kacey sings "i cannnnttt even loook at youuuu." Another fan wrote, “I love you with my whole entire heart, unconditionally and forever I’m eternally thankful for you you and your music brings me endless happiness and comfort, you are my rock and the light of my life!!! I’ll always be right by your side!!! I am so so so beyond proud of you xxxx.”








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