Troye Sivan calls on struggling freelance artists to help him drop new music, says the song will be out soon

Sivan unleashed a storm of Twitter and Instagram posts after calling on freelance artists to get in touch with him

                            Troye Sivan calls on struggling freelance artists to help him drop new music, says the song will be out soon
Troye Sivan (Getty Images)

Troye Sivan is going rogue! He has been extremely active in recent months, from dropping his single, 'Dance to This', featuring Ariana Grande in February to being a co-writer on 'Louder Than Bombs' in the latest BTS album, 'Map of the Soul: 7'. He also has German singer-songwriter, Kim Petras, joining him on his 'North American Bloom Tour' coming up in September.

Needless to say, the young artist has kept busy. And it appears he will continue to do so from his home, as he practices social distancing and self-quarantining.

The 24-year-old singer-songwriter, actor and YouTuber put out a call for freelance artists to get in touch with him to work on his new music video as part of a stream of tweets he unleashed on unsuspecting fans and freelance artists alike.

The singer first dropped a tweet, announcing he would be releasing new music soon and while he did not give any more details, he said, "I'm literally going berserk. I have music and I'm going to release it very very soon I just decided." And then he added, "If you are a freelance artist having a hard time atm I would love to see your work. I feel so lucky to be able to sustain myself w creative work and want to share that privilege as much as I can"

Troye Sivan performs at the Margaret Court Arena on September 25, 2019, in Melbourne, Australia (Getty Images)

He later hopped onto Instagram and shared the following message: "We're going rogue. @capitolrecords @emimusicau I would like to release new music I just decided. Freelance artists (Graphic Designers, Animation Artists) HMU I want to work with you and take the money I would be spending on music videos and give it to you. This is a tough and scary time and I feel so lucky to have music and art to get me through emotionally and financially and I want to share that so bad. I have no idea when this song is gonna come out bc I haven't really spoken to anyone yet but its gonna be soon as hell."

The singer received responses from a variety of freelance artists. He later jumped back on Twitter, saying, "Getting lots of messages w amazing creative work. Reply to this tweet w your work. Going to try work w as many freelance artists holed up as possible." It should be interesting to see which of these amazing artists gets to feature on Sivan's upcoming work.

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