TrophySmack on 'Shark Tank': Who are the founders, what’s the cost and where you can buy fantasy sports trophies

Will Dax Holt and Matt Welsh manage to reel in any of the sharks with their interesting product pitch?

                            TrophySmack on 'Shark Tank': Who are the founders, what’s the cost and where you can buy fantasy sports trophies
Dax Holt and Matt Walsh (ABC/Christopher Willard)

One of the biggest joys of playing a sport is the sweet victory that comes with it. To commemorate the victory, the players usually get a nice shiny plaque, trophy, or a medal. Unfortunately for fantasy league sports players, despite all their best efforts and winning, they still aren't awarded any trophies or certificates to celebrate their win.

But even if an enthusiastic player/ team decides to go ahead and get themselves trophies, the selection of trophies available in the market might leave you seeking more. This is exactly what happened to the founders of TrophySmack. So, to address this gap, Dax Holt and Matt Welsh teamed up together to create a fun and creative solution that rewards these fantasy league players. 

TrophySmack on 'Shark Tank' (ABC)


What is TrophySmack?

In case you're still wondering what exactly is TrophySmack, then we got you covered. TrophySmack enhances fantasy sports through unique and customizable trophies, championship belts, awards, and related products. Whether it’s the 60 million fantasy sports participants, anyone killing it in their workplace, or someone celebrating a special moment; TrophySmack is set out to establish the way greatness is recognized.

TrophySmack began as a garage startup in 2018 serving the fantasy sports market and has quickly scaled its offering of custom awards and related products for corporations, youth sports, unique gifts for Father’s Day, groomsman gifts, and much more.

TrophySmack (ABC)

The product's website describes TrophySmack as, "A unique and customizable fantasy trophy to represent your hard-earned victory! Each season the winner can keep the custom topper and plaque to remember that feeling of being number one. And with our team of creative geniuses releasing new toppers throughout the year, rest assured your league will thank you for years to come."

It further says, "Our exclusive swap tops, four anodized metal column colors, and 26″-56" sizes combine for over 1000 unique fantasy trophy combinations. So, go ahead, feast your eyes. Be the architect of your own greatness. Level up your Fantasy Smack Talk with Trophy Smack today!" These trophies aren't just limited to fantasy league winners, TrophySmack also has a range of trophies for the losing team and completely customizable trophies that can be used for gifting and celebrating various occasions. 

Kevin O'Leary (ABC)


Who are the founders?

Matt Walsh and Dax Holt are the brains behind TrophySmack. TrophySmack was founded in January 2018 by Matt Walsh and Dax Holt after winning the Fantasy Sports Trade Association’s Elevator Pitch Competition as an industry outsider.

Walsh is a high-energy entrepreneur with a background in supply chain and logistics. He’s the number one sales agent at a publicly-traded logistics brokerage, founded and exited four startups, and owns/operates three e-commerce stores grossing over 4 million per year. 

Matt Welsh and Dax Holt (ABC)

Walsh has pulled countless all-nighters fueled by his drive to make TrophySmack a success while juggling his full-time job and family life. TrophySmack started after Walsh was close to winning his first year playing Fantasy Football in 2016.

As the newcomer in his league, Matt wanted to buy a 6-foot tall fantasy football trophy to highlight his victory in the ‘least humble way possible.’ After discovering the product didn’t exist, Walsh and his soon-to-be partner, Dax Holt, discussed the opportunity and ways to get the idea off the floor on New Year’s Eve.

Prior to taking on the task of bringing TrophySmack to life, Holt was an on-air personality and producer at TMZ. Together the duo is all set to pitch their product to the sharks and reel in at least one of them to invest in their company. 

Mark Cuban (ABC)


What is the cost?

All the trophies and belts are engraved by the company at no additional cost. The trophies are priced within the range of $159- $299, while the belts cost $149.

Where to buy it?

You can get your very own trophy/belt from the company's website here, or purchase it from Amazon here

Who will crack the deal?

Considering Mark Cuban has his own sports team, he will definitely be drawn in by the pitch. There's a high possibility of Cuban closing the deal on this one.

Mark Cuban (ABC)

We will just have to watch the show to see which Shark eventually gets the deal, for there's no telling with the Sharks.

'Shark Tank' Season 12 airs on Fridays at 8/7c only on ABC. 

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