Did Trisha Paytas flash her a**hole on Twitter? Traumatized fans say 'never should've seen why she was trending'

The YouTuber once again became the topic of discussion as she started trending on Twitter and fans were shocked to see the reason behind it

                            Did Trisha Paytas flash her a**hole on Twitter? Traumatized fans say 'never should've seen why she was trending'
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Popular American YouTuber Trisha Paytas is no stranger to controversies and she yet again made news for all the wrong reasons. This time fans claimed that she flashed her a**hole on Twitter.

The 32-year-old vlogger started trending on the micro-blogging site after several Twitteratis discussed the current hot topic. Paytas enjoys a massive fan following on all the social media platforms but the netizens did not think twice before slamming her and said that they were disgusted.

Confirming the trend, Paytas took to her official Twitter account and shared a screenshot where we could see her name on the trending list of Twitter. Her post read, "Is it my b***hole or p***yhole that’s trending? See both on http://OnlyTrish.com 18+"



One Twitter user stated, "Im in class rn and decided to go this bird app and saw trisha paytas trending... just no." One person posted, "I come to twitter to talk about bts not see pictures of trisha paytas' a**hole I hate it here." Another user added, "Not happy that I opened Twitter to be greeted with Trisha Paytas’ bare A**HOLE with toilet paper crumbs in it."

One asserted, "PLEASE TELL ME YOU GUYS SAW THE TRISHA PAYTAS POSTS AS WELL- IM NOW TRAUMATIZED." One said, "just found out why Trisha paytas was trending and now I would like to go back to when I didn’t find out Trisha paytas was trending." Another tweeted, "I’m reading these tweets abt trisha paytas like I’m glad I ain’t see that s**t." One social media follower posted, “F**k y’all for setting me up. Never should’ve looked at why Trisha Paytas was trending.”








The former music video model is often involved in a lot of Internet drama. It was only a week ago when Trisha’s TikTok video was removed from the video-sharing app after she accidentally flashed her privates while dancing. Trisha had uploaded a series of videos in two different underwear sets as she took her fans to the set of her new music video. In one of the videos, she donned a bright blue lingerie set and danced confidently when she accidentally flashed her followers.

In the past, she has also made headlines for sharing intimate personal vlogs from her kitchen floor. Paytas is one of the biggest names on YouTube with over 5M subscribers on different channels.

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