The story of Treasure Perry: Teen taken off life support despite mom’s relentless fight

The story of Treasure Perry: Teen taken off life support despite mom’s relentless fight
Heartbroken mother of Treasure Perry claims daughter (L) was alive when life support was removed (Facebook/Treazure Perry and Angie Kosarue)

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA: The devastated mother of a teenage girl, whose life support was withdrawn recently, has claimed that her daughter was alive when treatment was withdrawn. Treasure Perry had been on life sustaining treatment after suffering a fatal allergic reaction to shellfish and an asthma attack on July 23. She was taken to Riley Hospital for Children in downtown Indianapolis but on August 2, she was pronounced brain dead.

On Thursday, August 12, the 17-year-old was reportedly pulled off life support against her family’s wishes. It has been said that, at first, a court agreed with the family’s requests and noted that “the injury suffered by the Plaintiff will be irreparable, in that if life-sustaining measures are terminated, the Plaintiff will likely be deceased." But then on Wednesday, August 11, the extension to keep her on life support was not provided by the court and the family was asked to search for any such hospital that was willing to take care of the girl.


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However, finding another hospital also reportedly ended in failure because a tracheostomy was not performed on Treasure. Mayo Clinic states that “tracheostomy is a hole that surgeons make through the front of the neck and into the windpipe (trachea). A tracheostomy tube is placed into the hole to keep it open for breathing.”



Before the teen was detached from the ventilator, her mother, Angela Kosarue had told NBC, “God can work a miracle, but I know it's down to the wire.” She continued, “I don't want to give up. I still don't. I've exhausted all my options, but I'm going to keep fighting for her to the every end,” before adding: “I believe when your heart stops beating and your body shuts down is when you're dead.”

After her death, Treasure — who was one among her seven siblings — was remembered as “an amazing niece, sister, aunt, daughter and granddaughter,” by her aunt Skylee Nicole Kosarue. Skylee said, “We never gave up on her — the doctors failed her and us.” The aunt took to Facebook to write: “My baby!! She was so loving, always wanted me to know how much she loved me! You took my heart with you. Life will never be the same. I just have no words. No one knows how much this hurts. No one can feel my pain right now 😢😇💔.”



In an earlier post, Skylee had noted, “Riley’s Hospital for Children has given my sister, Treasure’s mom until 12pm today and they will be taking her off life support. My sister tried and tried to fight against them. She tried to fight with Treasure. No one would accept her. This world is so sad and fucked up."

In the note, she added, "My baby is being ripped away from us for what? Because she’s trying to breathe on her own and live? I will never understand and I shouldn’t have to. I’m at a complete loss. My heart will forever be broken. Life will not be the same. My family will not be the same. Please just say a prayer for us. We are hurting beyond words right now."



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Expressing her grief and distress, Treasure's sister Trinity, shared her thoughts Facebook too, writing, “I’m so mad bro. So many people failed my sister. I failed my sister. This shit hurt. Sis I love you I can’t believe I’ll never talk to you again sis 💔 my biggest fear literally came true and I’m so hurt with this world I don’t wanna be here no more sissy I wanna be with you, you supposed to be here this shit ain’t right this shit ain’t fair bro what are we supposed to do what is mom gone do ??? Our family is broken bro why did you do this to us God I don’t understand. I never will fr.”

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