'Treadstone' sees oil rig worker Doug McKenna 'wake up' to see his life mysteriously entangled with the KGB

'Treadstone' sees oil rig worker Doug McKenna 'wake up' to see his life mysteriously entangled with the KGB

'Treadstone', the new show for USA Network is a Jason Bourne spin-off and the main theme of the show is based on a covert operation that has a number of sleeper agents around the world embedded into the society. These agents have forgotten their real selves and have been given a cover story that they believe to be their real-life until one day, the CIA 'wakes' them up for an operation. So-hyun happens to be one of them, and Doug McKenna, is another of the agents who is part of the project. 

So-hyun's dossier (a video teaser) only hinted at a KGB connection to these agents being awoken worldwide. Doug's dossier, on the other hand, clearly shows that it was indeed the KGB that had found the key to 'waking' these agents and is using them for their purpose. While So-hyun didn't fight the instructions that she had received and even seems to have gone to the extreme of attacking her mentor from her training days, Doug seems to be lucid. 


He seems to understand that there is something wrong with him, especially considering his characteristics have changed entirely overnight. He even seems to resist changes in him. Then we meet the KGB operative who seems to be hell-bent on using Doug's expertise for their purposes. Will they succeed or will Doug be able to find a way to stop the Treadstone operation from being used by someone?


One of the latest trailers of the show featured more lives being put in danger because of the operation and the sleeper agents. They are made to things that they wouldn't commit under normal circumstances, and this includes murder and assault. The program, which was originally formulated by the Soviet Union, reveals one of the agents in the latest trailer, which partly answers how KGB got its hand on the key to use the operations. 


What is common among all the agents who have been woken up to be used as was deemed fit is that none of them feels like themselves. A part of them is continually being drowned for the sleeper agents to work effectively. Each of them is woken up using a rhyme, and once that tune sets in everything changes. 

They forget the life that they have been living so far, even if that meant a child that they were taking care of, in So-hyun's case. It is to stop things from going out of hand that Doug along with the others try to come up with a plan to stop KGB from succeeding. 

'Treadstone' will premiere on USA Network on October 15 at 10 pm ET. 

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