'Treadstone' Episode 4 promo sees Agent Edwards go rogue after Haynes attacks him and Dr Wells

The sleeper agents are labeled Cicadas after the original project and the CIA is forced clean up a string of dead bodies, in their wake. Agent Matt Edwards finds there is no other way to end this than go on the hunt alone. We see Samantha and Doug, bury the intruder's body deep in the woods

                            'Treadstone' Episode 4 promo sees Agent Edwards go rogue after Haynes attacks him and Dr Wells

'Treadstone' Episode 4 will see SoYun (Han Hyo-joo) possibly leave her husband's side after the big mess at Colonel Shin's party. From the promo released by the USA Network of the upcoming episode of the show, one thing is clear; CIA Agent Matt Edwards (Omar Metwally) is taking things into his own hands and going after all the sleeper agents, now termed Cicadas, who have been woken up. 

In episode 3, we saw Edwards along with Dr. Martin Wells (Finbar Lynch) investigate one of the Cicadas -- Haynes -- who murdered a few individuals at a grocery store. This man is hypnotized by Dr. Wells to answer questions regarding Operation Treadstone.

In the process, Edwards learns that the Cicadas, once they wake up, are sent target packages. He doesn't learn much else despite Haynes being hypnotized. On the other hand, CIA Agent Ellen Becker (Michelle Forbes) finds a connection between one of Haynes' victims, a former employee of Expo Oil in the Arctic, and Capitol Hill.

She notes that Expo Oil's biggest ally happens to be a Senator named Eamon Wray and Haynes' victim had proof of labor violations and was also about to go public as a whistleblower. Becker in the upcoming episode also meets with someone to discuss how there are assets who are active but are not even supposed to exist.

They are now leaving a trail of bodies that the CIA is forced to clean up after. We also see Haynes has possibly escaped captivity as he attacks both Dr. Wells and Agent Edwards at the facility where he is held. 

This attack could be the reason why Edwards decides to do things on his own because we see Becker ask him "You are hunting them on your own?" To this Edwards doesn't respond, but just continues to load his rifle hinting that there is no way to contain him now.

With SoYun, Doug McKenna (Brian J. Smith), Nira Patel (Shruti Haasan) and possibly Haynes on the lose, we will have to wait and see who Edwards chooses to go after first. Another revelation that we see in the promo is about Doug's wife Samantha (Tess Haubrich). 



At the end of episode 3, we saw Doug's wife come to his rescue when a stranger enters his home and forces Doug to accompany him because Doug was not programmed right as a Cicada. In the promo, we see Samantha and Doug, bury the intruder's body somewhere deep in the forest, and Samantha tells Doug the only way they can work through this (possibly because of the murder she committed) is by protecting each other.  

Doug tells Sam their life as they knew it, is now over. He expects to be on the run always and now that he knows there is something wrong with how he was programmed to be a Cicada, Doug may possibly try to get everything about his missing memory -- something that he has struggled with since the beginning of the show -- fixed. 

There is not much about Nira in the promo, but SoYun doesn't seem to be in North Korea anymore. We see her fighting with a soldier before she is interrupted by a car with blaring headlights.

We also see SoYun return to the same place where she had left her son to be taken care of by her mother. She meets new people, but for now, we are not sure whose side they are on. Is she still being controlled by Colonel Shin or have his opponents successfully got her on their side by threatening her child?

This is something that we would have to see in the new episode of Treadstone to be aired Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on the USA Network. 

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