Kylie Jenner, a stay-at-home mom? Travis Scott reportedly wants her to scale back on Kylie cosmetics and take care of Stormi

Kylie has ambitious plans for her beauty empire and we sure think that taking inspiration from the women in her family, she will be able to handle motherhood and work quite well.

                            Kylie Jenner, a stay-at-home mom? Travis Scott reportedly wants her to scale back on Kylie cosmetics and take care of Stormi
Travis Scott, Stormi and Kylie Jenner (Sorce:Getty Images)

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott seem to have a disagreement on who or what should be their priority after the couple welcomed their daughter, Stormi Webster on February 1. Even though the pair is extremely happy and content after becoming parents, it seems like they cannot come to terms with how they should be raising Stormi. 

A source close to the couple told InTouch Weekly, that Travis wants Stormi to become the main focus for her. “Travis loves Kylie and they’re totally happy parents," the source said. "He’s worried, however, that Kylie’s going to morph back into her socialite and partying ways and not put Stormi first." Kylie recently launched a pop shop for her Kylie cosmetics and the mother of one sure has no plans on stopping. 

However, Kylie's ambitions seem to be worrying the rapper.  The makeup mogul has already told Travis that her schedule is about to get really busy and that she’s going to throw herself back into her work and her branding. "Travis wants her to scale back her work and social life and be a stay-at-home mom for the time being," the source added.

Travis reportedly does not want Stormi to always be surrounded by nannies and would prefer that Kylie could be more involved with their daughter. "He doesn’t want Kylie to depend on nannies or Kris and would prefer if Kylie took major time off to raise their daughter," the source added. 

"He feels that's important and should be Kylie’s main focus. Travis is nervous and doesn’t want Kylie to put money and career before the baby," the source added.

Luckily, the young model has some great inspirations around her like her older sister Kim Kardashian and not to forget her momager, Kris Jenner. Looking at how these ladies have been able to manage their business and their kids, we do not think Kylie should have any problem going hand in hand with motherhood and her business empire. 

Kylie and Travis welcomed their daughter Stormi on February 1, this year and for a long time, the couple kept the pregnancy a secret. It wasn't until days after that Kylie broke the news about her pregnancy and explained to her fans that she wanted a calm and peaceful environment before welcoming her daughter.