Third transgender woman found dead in Dallas, police investigating if the murders are linked

Third transgender woman found dead in Dallas, police investigating if the murders are linked

Chynal Lindsey, 26, a transgender woman was found dead when her body was pulled from the White Rock Lake on Saturday. As reported by CBS, this is the second instance of a transgender woman being killed in the last two weeks. Since October last year, Dallas has seen the killing of 3 transgender women, including  Lindsey, and questions have arisen if they may be connected in some way.

The Police Chief, U. Reneé Hall, said in a press conference that her body showed "obvious signs of homicidal violence." He said: "We know this is the second individual who is transgender who is deceased in our community and we are concerned." Speaking on the speculation that these killings may be hate crimes, Chief Hall said: "We are actively and aggressively investigating this case and we have reached out to our federal partners for assistance."

This incidence comes after a transgender woman was stabbed mercilessly in Dallas last year. She survived the attacks but barely. The next incidence occurred in October when a transgender woman was killed. The third attack which became fatal was on Muhlaysia Booker, who passed away a couple of weeks ago. And the murder of Lindsey becomes the fourth attack on transgender women in the city.

The motive behind Lindsey's death has not yet been established but following the string of crimes, the authorities are looking to seek the help of FBI. The FBI stated that they are closely working with the local authorities and are looking if any federal civil rights violations have occurred.

Dallas Police Major Vincent Weddington had revealed last month that they have found similarities in the prior incidences but they were waiting for something substantial to emerge before confirming the connections. They, however, have not found anything in the murder of Lindsey to associate it with the previous crimes except that she is a transgender woman and an African American.

The investigators have asked the community to remain vigilant and the people to come out if they have any information. They have also initiated a conversation with LGBTQ communities to understand what could be done to make them feel safer. The LGBTQ community has been asked to contact the authorities and the community leaders if they feel unsafe in any manner. Besides these cases, the authorities have also opened a case from 2015 where another African American transgender woman was killed.

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