Tracie Wagaman death: 'Love After Lockup' star had accused lover of domestic abuse

'Love After Lockup' star Tracie Wagaman, who died recently, dated Luke Loera after her divorce. Luke was accused of domestic violence

                            Tracie Wagaman death: 'Love After Lockup' star had accused lover of domestic abuse
Late 'Love after Lockup' star Tracie Wagaman was dating Luke Taylor Loera (GoFundMe, Nevada Prison Records)

Tracie Wagaman, an American actress and television personality who became well-known as a star of the reality television show 'Love After Lockup', died at the age of 41 on Thursday, July 1, news outlets reported.

Wagaman, who also appeared on the WeTv app, a popular dating and romance program in which celebrities and normal people create and broadcast videos, was confirmed dead by Lily Red, her former manager.


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Reports said that Wagaman's death came shortly after she gave birth to her second child, a baby girl born after her 4-year-old son, Issac. But she decided to delay revealing the good news as she was believed to be waiting for Luke Loera, the baby's father, to be freed from prison.

Tracie Wagaman (GoFundMe)


Who was Tracie Wagaman's ex-husband?

Clint Brady, Wagaman's co-star in 'Love After Lockup', was her first husband. Brady's parents were against his relationship with Wagaman because they believe she is not the proper woman for their son. The couple, however, have a son together called Isaac, who turned four on March 4, 2021, according to Latest Celeb Articles.

Viewers of the reality show could call their relationship complicated and tumultuous. Wagaman, who had been battling addiction since the age of 18, was sentenced to jail in September 2019 for abusing drugs and alcohol. Brady had bailed her out with a $5,000 bond and tried to get her to go to rehab but she didn't want to. Brady, who himself was released from jail on March 17 after serving 45 days for driving on a suspended license, officially filed for divorce from Wagaman earlier that month, according to Starcasm. He also filed a restraining order against his former wife and co-star which prohibits her from even mentioning his name.



Boyfriend Luke Loera accused of domestic abuse

Wagaman was also romantically connected to one Luke Loera, who was ten years her junior and with whom she had an on-again, off-again relationship. The TV star had accused Loera of domestic abuse, according to Starcasm. He has an extensive criminal record which includes at least five domestic violence charges, according to the news outlet. Loera had also once beaten Wagaman to the point where her whole face was bloodied.

Loera was arrested and serving time after getting into a fight with a casino security guard and pulling out a machete. Loera was also charged with using or possessing a stun gun by a criminal according to court documents. He's also been charged with drug paraphernalia usage or possession, as well as driving without a license, all of which are misdemeanors.

Luek Loera and Tracie Wagaman (Instagram/loera_luke)

“Me and Luke, we had our issues going on, and we were, you know, arguing, fighting whatever,” Tracie said in May this year according to Starcasm. “My heart chose to take him back. Now, that that might have not been the right choice, but it’s my choice. I love him and we’re working it out, so things are going a lot better, you know, because I am expecting.”

Loera is the father of Wagaman's young daughter. The reality star underwent a C-Section and stayed in the hospital for three days, according to reports, and died only a week after the baby girl was born. A GoFundMe has been put up under her name to pay for her funeral, by Wagaman's older brother, Mark. "We want to donate the remainder of the money to a domestic violence organization that will be named later," Mark Wagaman wrote.