Was Traci Braxton's account hacked or was the attack on Tamar real? Worried fans ask ‘why not any other sister’

Multiple screenshots of Traci Braxton's tweets had been taken and sparked much backlash

                            Was Traci Braxton's account hacked or was the attack on Tamar real? Worried fans ask ‘why not any other sister’
Traci Braxton (Getty Images)

Did Traci Braxton just get hacked? A series of bizarre tweets started floating on social media making fans wonder who was posting from the reality television personality's Twitter account. The younger sister of American R&B singer Toni Braxton, Traci's name soon popped up as one of the biggest trends on the microblogging website and the one question on all minds was: Who hacked the 'Crash & Burn' singer?

Before we get to that, here are a few tweets that were posted from her account. One read: "I need some more to drink get the Hennessey for me cash app, please," and another said, "Toni tell birdman to send me over that cash money from them records from the 99 of 2000 girl u working with some a** yeah."

A third tweet said, "Tamar crying over a damn Grammy as if she deserves one. B***h ain’t made a song since 2013 all the way home only hit sis sit this one OUT." And a shocking fourth tweet read, "Tamar horseface a** need to take them Botox out her moose face," with laughing emojis. Since there were too many Cash App references, it seemed like it had been hacked. Not just Tamar, there were other attacks too. "TONI GONE BANKRUPT," one tweet read and another said, "Y’all know Wendy Williams be doing them lines STRAIGHT TO her NOSE u can tell by her wigs." One tweet read, "Man f**k y’all i ain’t been no mf HACKED. I’m posting the real tea."















Multiple screenshots had been taken and sparked much backlash. Some devoted fans couldn't wrap their heads around why the hacker chose Traci's account over all the other people. "Who hacked Traci Braxton's account?!?!?!" one fan wondered and another said, "Y’all could’ve hacked anybody and you chose TRACI BRAXTON?"

Calling her the "favorite sister", one concerned fan posted, "Don’t do it @TraciBraxton! It’s not worth it. You are loved by so many. Just protect your heart and energy sweetheart!" and a fourth one tweeted, "This page has been hacked everyone... I don’t think Traci would write this. and it’s all at Tamar and why not any other sister. Where’s Twitter when you need them." A fan then took it upon herself to alert Twitter support. "Hey @TwitterSupport, Traci Braxton has been hacked. And @CashApp this hacker is using your app to extort money out of Traci Braxton to turn her account back over."







Now, the question is: Was Traci's account really hacked, or did she actually post it all in a fit of rage or in an inebriated state? While no one has a clue right now, we will update this space once she makes an official statement. 

Three days back, Urban Bell Magazine shed light on her feud with Towanda Braxton and Tamar Braxton. Apparently, the 'Braxton Family Values' star wasn't on good terms with the two and felt Tamar was being disrespectful. Moreover, it also spoke about her issues with Towanda’s boo Sean Hall as he was getting too involved in the sisters’ business. Of course, their time in Napa Valley was a complete disaster. And Traci still isn’t over it.

This season, Traci lashed out at Sean and Tamar at the wedding. The article read David Adefeso recalled "seeing Traci grab Tamar’s hand and hair before he separated them. He also said that he was the one who urged the two sisters to talk even though he noticed that Traci was visibly angry before things became physical. Now that the episode has aired, Traci is telling her side of the story. And she had a lot to say."

Towanda Braxton, Traci Braxton, Toni Braxton and Tamar Braxton (Getty Images)

In an interview with DJ Rickie Skye, Traci said, “Truth be told, since we’re telling the truth, I just don’t care because he (Sean) tapes everybody. He tapes everything, he has these glasses on, those glasses on and he tapes everything. So to me, that means you’re searching for something. You’re trying to…want something…”

Traci continued, “Even though my family knew him or when we taped back in the day, did the album of The Braxtons, that was about 28 years ago. I don’t know him, I only saw him for…we were only in the studio with you for three months out of those years.” She then said Sean seems like he’s looking for clout, “To me when you wear glasses like that and taping people, to me, you’re looking for some clout. To me that’s what it is.”

Talking about the wedding drama, she said Tamar annoyed her by sliding his hands through Traci’s hair and when she asked her to stop, she just wouldn't. Taking matters into her own hands, she grabbed her hands out of her face. At this point, David Adefeso got involved. Traci further said, “Her boyfriend (Sean) grabbed me and pushed me. He grabbed me and pushed me. So after that, I just went berserk.”

Catch the entire interview here:


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